California Governor Gavin Newsom faces backlash over vaccine lottery plan

Ed Walsh
San Francisco's vaccination center at Moscone CenterEd Walsh

Here in the San Francisco Bay Area, not everyone is applauding plan by Governor Gavin Newsom to spend millions of dollars on a lottery that rewards people in the state who get the COVID-19 Vaccine.

The story generated mostly negative comments in the San Francisco Chronicle's story on the lottery.

"So if you were responsible and got vaccinated as soon as possible, you're not eligible for the debit card or supermarket card," wrote a reader. "Those who've waited will get the card and are also eligible for the same prizes as those who stepped up as quickly as they could? This is the kind of logical unfairness that could only be a government program. "

"OTOH, getting to be around my sons, daughter and grandkids for the last couple of months is worth a lot more than $50, opined a reader. "Come to think of it, if you look at the demographics of who has been carrying the virus along for these many months, apparently some didn't avoid family at all during the lockdown. Now they get $50 for the lack of their trouble."

Another reader wrote,"Ridiculous waste of money. So much could be done with that money. Mental health programs, environmental restoration, state parks that are severely underfunded, help for families struggling with elderly."

Another wrote, "Pure insanity from the leftist govt. mafia....socialist sheep flockers or you could go get some ivermectin at tractor supply or feed store, measure right dose and have no throwing blood clots, heart issues etc. India and Brazil are both using in mass now and if the curve drops down fast, then another lie unwrapped by the mafia folks, the vaccines are really experiments. Of course since we are still under emergency orders 400 days later than usually allowed, this only to distribute and push vaccinations of a non fda approved emergency orders, the govt. can't push and mandate a non fda approved drug to the public......look it up.....all the lies of the left are quickly making ways into the mainstream.....wake up sheep"

If you would like to weigh in on this issue, leave your comments below.

As previously, reported, Governor Gavin Newsom Tweeted on Thursday, "CA is launching a $116.5 MILLION GIVEAWAY for vaccinated Californians! $15 MILLION in cash prizes for 10 winners selected 6/15 $50k for winners on 6/4 & 6/11 Already vaccinated? You’re entered. Not vaccinated? Next 2 million that get fully vaccinated can ALSO get a $50 card. "

So the good news is that if you already have been vaccinated, you don't have to do anything, you are already entered into the vaccine lottery. But if you were already fully vaccinated, forget about getting the $50 gift card. That is only for new vaccine recepients. So in this case, it doesn't pay to be the eary bird.

Governor Newsom was on ABC's Jimmy Kimmell show on Thursday. He noted that unlike other states, even people who have gotten the vaccine months ago are eligible to receive the vaccine.

What do you think of the California vaccine lottery? Leave your comments below. Do you think the lottery and the $50 gift cards will encourage more people to be vaccinated?

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