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Governor Gavin Newsom involved in affair with ‘close staffer’ reports southern California newspaper

Ed Walsh

Governor Newsom swears in Secretary of State Dr. Weber, photo courtesy Office of Governor Gavin Newsom

So far Governor Gavin Newsom’s office is not responding to a story by a Southern California newspaper that alleges that Newsom is having an affair with one of his close staffers.

Hews Media Group- Cerritos News reports that high-ranking staffers are aware of the romantic relationship and are ready to “jump ship.” Newsom is married to actress and documentary filmmaker Jennifer Siebel Newsom and the couple have four children.

Last week Newsom made major changes to his communications staff and expanded Deputy Chief of Staff Lindsey Cobia’s role to “help guide communications” Politico reported.

Newsom is facing a recall campaign that is being fueled by critics if his strict lockdown policy that many say has done more harm than good and is not backed by science. Newsom apologized for having dinner at the exclusive French Laundry restaurant with a group of friends in violation of his own directives.

Newsom apologized for an affair he had while mayor of San Francisco in 2007 with Ruby Rippey Gibney, a Newsom mayoral staffer and the wife of Newsom’s close friend and campaign manager Alex Tourk.

In 2018 Rippey Gibney wrote in a Facebook post: To be clear: I fully support the #metoo movement. In this particular instance, however, I am doubtful that it applies. Yes, I was a subordinate, but I was also a free-thinking, 33-yr old adult married woman & mother. (I also happened to have an unfortunate inclination towards drinking-to-excess & self-destruction.)"

Newsom’s office did not immediately respond to NewsBreak’s request for comment.

The story drew the attention Thursday of talk show hosts Jack Armstrong and Joe Getty who host the popular nationally syndicated Armstrong and Getty show. The California-based program has long been critical of Newsom’s administration and the governor's handling of the pandemic. Armstrong said he didn’t care whether Newsom was having an affair.

“I don't think it should be a political story,” said Armstrong. “That's the same thing with the Governor Cuomo thing. Oh, so he kissed a woman on the lips, and said, man, I'd like to have sex with you as to some woman. That's the story now. Now he's going to be run out of the governorship, perhaps, not because he hid evidence that he killed old people. Gavin Newsom You made a billion dollar deal for masks that was a rip off of the taxpayer. Maybe you got to kick back, man, that's okay.”

Anti-lockdown activist attorney Daniel Kotzin Tweeted a link to the Hews story writing: “The rumors that California Governor Gavin Newsom is having an affair have been swirling for a while. It now appears that those weren’t just rumors. I can’t say I’m surprised. My mother taught me long ago — “once a dog, always a dog.”

Thre Recall Newsom campaign announced earlier this month that it had gathered over two million signnatures to put the rescall initiative on the ballot and that most of the signatures had already been validated by third party.

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