4 Things I Wish I Knew Before the COVID Pandemic

Echo Yiran Xu

The past 2020 has been horrible for most of us. It changed many people’s lives, including mine. Before the pandemic, I worked in one of the most beautiful Caribbean countries and lying on the beach or hiking in the rainforest every weekend. I had planned my trip to Peru, Argentina, Cuba and even notified my friends to pick me up.

However, everything shut down in March 2020. I felt like the clock of the world was stopped. We were suddenly trapped in a small box and never so craving for freedom! Every “normal thing” we did before became so treasurable, like going to the movie theater, seeing a concert, picnic in the park, etc.

Luckily, things are getting better now, and we can almost foresee the timeframe to live a “normal” life again!

The COVID pandemic is not all terrible, at least it taught me 4 lessons:

The importance of multiple-income

The multiple income theory has been popular for years, and I have been ignored it for years…until now!

I always making excuses:

  • My salary is sufficient for my daily life. I don’t need another income.
  • No. trading stock is not for me. I am not good at data or analysis etc.
  • I have worked long enough every day. I don’t want to spend more time doing extra work.

Well, when the pandemic comes, I have to swallow the “bitter fruits” for all the excuses I have made before.

If you live depending on one single income, and you are laid off suddenly. Life is screwed….

I didn’t realize I’m living at risk for years until last year. Life would be much safe and easier if I have multiple incomes no matter financial investment or opened an online store or trading stocks or whatever.

The uncertainty of life

We always say life is short. When you have the chance, you gotta do what you want! BUT, things are not always going as we want in real life.

For example, I have planed my South America trip since summer 2019. I had checked the plan tickets every night and read Tripadvisor all the time to be prepared. I had a vacation off around Christmas and new year’s eve. However, I didn’t take action back then. I hesitated about the plane tickets' price and waiting for a friend in America to come down here and travel with me.

Then, when it’s March 2020, things started getting severe worldwide. Many counties have restricted their border entry. Now I wish I can travel as free as it used to be in 2022🤷🏻‍♀️??

A lot of people lost their family members or friends last year, and I believe they have many “I wish I could ” moments:

“I wish I could spend more time with my family, and I didn’t even say I love before it’s too late.”

“I wish I could start my own business earlier, so I don’t have to be stuck in this company for five years.”

“I wish I could be braver back then. Otherwise, that girl might be my girlfriend now.”

Be a Minimalist

Being a Minimalist is not only dump things or clean your house. It’s a lifestyle that saves you from the complex and focuses on quality. Whether it’s your personal belongs or relationships.

When I packed my stuff and moved back to California, I realized I had so much stuff that I don’t need!

20+lipstick? 8 Key chains? Ten similar T-shirts? Tons of clothing I haven’t worn for years? 🙄

After reading the book Minimalism and the documentary:

The Minimalists: Less Is Now | Netflix Official Site

They've built a movement out of minimalism. Longtime friends Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus share how our…


I have decided to reorganize my stuff and also my life:

  • Donate all the clothes that I’m not going to wear anymore
  • Filter all my contacts on Google and my phone. Delete those that I haven’t have contacted for years and never will be
  • Call my family once a week and update them on my current statement
  • Text my good friends and tell them I’m fine
  • Make a plan for my life and set a goal to achieve it
  • I was hoping you could pick up all the things that I wanted to do but didn’t
  • Focus on what most matters to me
  • Change my recipe and do exercise daily

Here is a great article about teaching you how to become a minimalist.

Growth Mindset


When all of us have been quarantined at home, how did you feel?

Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Depressed?Concerned? Desperate? Panic?

True! When it happened to us in the first place. It’s normal to have these feelings. But every coin has two sides. Any challenge can be an opportunity as well:

  • Some people started a new career
  • Some make a lot of fortune in the stock
  • Some welcome their first child

People with a growth mindset adapt to new environments quickly. They are good at finding opportunities to improve their lives and turn the difficulties into easy mode.

Nothing stays the same forever. It’s never too late to learn and grow. Just take action, now!

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