Vietnamese garlic chicken wings from Mama Hieus Rock!


As we all know, times are hard for restaurants right now. Patio dining has just opened back up, but the everlasting mark that closing indoor and outdoor dining has done will take years to recover from. As a food photographer and blogger, I have really tried to give back to the restaurant community. These mom-and-pop shops were already working so hard before the pandemic, but now they are fighting to stay open with their businesses cut back by 75% of what it was. The very least I can do is help promote a few places that have always been so kind to me.

With all that being said, there seems to have been a few amazing people that have risen like a phoenix out of the Covid ashes. People who have not taken the stay-at-home quarantine likely and have started thriving businesses from it. Mama Hieu's chicken wings is the perfect example of this kind of business.

Mama Hieu's just opened the first week of December and already have a small cult following in Garden Grove where they are located. The menu is super simple. Chicken wings. Hot or Spicy. That is it. And it is more than enough! Each box comes with 9 substantially sized garlic wings, 2 scoops of white steamed rice topped with fried shallots, pickled veggies and a sweet chili dipping sauce. It’s a lot of food and it is only $12! They are also giving free delivery for front line healthcare workers.

I could not decide if I wanted the original or the spicy wings, so I got both. The outside of the wings has a nice crisp breading, but not too much. The meat to breading proportion was perfect. There was a nice crunch in every bite. The spicy was just as good, but be warned, it is not really spicy. It has got great flavor and my favorite of the two, but its barely a mild for those of you who love to bring the heat. The wings are served with 2 huge scoops of shallot topped white rice. Growing up Vietnamese American, I remember as a kid, my mother would send dad out to get KFC while she would start a pot of rice. When he got back dad would eat all the sides that came with the meal, while mom only ate the rice and the fried chicken dipped into nuoc cham. This wing box brings back all those great memories.

They currently have two options. The wing box for $12 or the party try for $40. It feeds 10-15 people.

I urge you to help a small business while filling your hungry belly.

Mama Hieu's Chicken Wings


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