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Join the Birria Ramen Craze at Long Beach Taco Company!



The Long Beach Taco Company obviously is known for their delicious tacos. They have everything from carne asada, to shrimp, to roasted poblano and even fried pork belly. Yum. But have you ever had something that was so good you wanted to order it again the next day? Possibly for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? That is exactly how I feel about the birria ramen at the Long Beach Taco Company.

Let's first start with the meat itself. It has been braised for almost 3 hours in a hot bath of chili's and spices. Its packed with a ton of flavor and the meat is super tender. I personally, very much appreciate that it is not full of gristle or super fatty. After the braise, the remaining liquid left over is called consume. All the flavors from the meat and the bones and the chilis all blend to make a broth that is pretty much liquid gold. It is rich, flavorful and decadent. This is what they use as the soup broth.


The soup is simple. They fill a bowl full of warm ramen noodles, then a couple of ladles of the consume is poured over the noodles. Finally the soup is topped with the birria. When I first went, the only toppings option was birria and pork belly. Now, you can add in toppings like egg, and corn. I say yes to all of it. Also, ask for their chili oil. It’s a secret recipe that is fire!


Although it is my favorite item, LB Taco Co has more than just ramen. The tacos are awesome, the burritos are huge, but another favorite of mine is the taco burger. It is probably the last thing I would normally order, but it was recommended to me. I am so glad it was! It consists of a 1/2-pound patty, carnitas, bacon jam, crispy grilled cheese skirt, guacamole, pico de gallo, sriracha aioli, on a pretzel bun, served with fries. Yes, I said crispy cheese skirt. Its a real thing. Google it.


Starting sometime during quarantine 2020, restaurants are now allowed to serve alcoholic drinks to go. The last must try item is the Michelada with ceviche combo. It is the perfect appetizer combo! The ceviche is tender and has a bite from the lime. The miche is huge and flavorful. I can’t think of a better way to start a meal!

Truth be told you cannot go wrong with anything you get from Long Beach Taco Co. The chef cares about the quality of food and the owner cares about his customers. It’s a win win and you should add it to you list of things to try!


Long Beach Taco Company 442 East 1st Street, Long Beach, California 90802 562.912.4455



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