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Once on Jonathan Gold's list of his five favorite burritos, I was expecting for it these burritos to look amazing. They do not. I first tried Burritos La Palmas when a friend brought me some leftovers from the Smorgasbord in LA. They had a pop-up tent on Sundays, and he said the line always wound around the corner. I was told I NEEDED these burritos.

Let me first clarify when he said burrito, I instantly thought they would at least the side of my palm. Hopefully larger. But no, these are little suckers. Little tiny burritos. Larger than a taquito, but smaller than what I would image a Jonathan Gold burrito to be. I am going into such great detail because even though they are small, they are the perfect example how to not judge a book by the cover, (or a burrito by the size)

The tortillas are soft with the perfect amount of chew. But it is really about the filling to tortilla ratio. You get 50% tortilla to a 50% filling and it makes it wonderful. The fillings range from birria de res, shredded beef in green chile, chicharron, chicken tinga, and refried beans and cheese. Oh, there is also a “combo" burrito with the birria, bean and cheese on the menu. Quesadillas are also on the menu. Cheese, bean and cheese and a combo. But that is it. No chips, no guacamole and just a house salsa. And to be totally honest I just do not care. I do not need it. I am there for the burritos.

My favorites are the birria, the bean and cheese and the chicken tinga. They are small, so definitely or two or in my case I always order 3 (since there are no sides)

The original location is in el monte, but they will again be at smorgasbord when it re-opens and they now have two locations in Orange County. On Bristol and at the 4th Street Market.

As I write this my mouth is drooling. They are so good.

Burritos La Palma 201 E Fourth Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701


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