Post- workout Snacks – At your hands reach, honestly!

It can get a bit tricky when it comes to choosing the best post workout meal for you, especially with so much misleading info. I can’t believe that I ran onto a blog post the day before, that recommends having a chocolate milk, bread, cheese and crackers or a pizza, right after your workout. I got really mad and decided that once and for all I will write that list of post workout foods and help you all understand what your sore muscles actually need after the physical activity.

• Animal Based Proteins – The Best Post Workout Foods

When it comes to working out and getting stronger, you can’t even imagine how important proteins are. And nothing can beat up the animal based proteins. The only food chain that’s basically recommended by every trainer!

 Salmon

 Tuna

 Shrimps

 Chicken breasts

 Chicken drumsticks

 Eggs

 Baby beef

 Turkey pate

• Plant Based Proteins – A vegetarian / vegan option

 Green beans

 Chickpeas

 Peas

 Black beans

 Soy beans

 Tofu

 Lentils

 Soy

 Edamame

 Mushrooms

• Post Workout Snacks

 Almonds

 Pistachio nuts

 Cashews

 Pumpkin seeds

 Peanut butter

 – clean and raw.

 Hazelnuts

 Pecans

 Peanuts

 – raw or baked with Himalayan salt

 Sunflower seeds

 Veggie chips

 – green beans, broccoli, beets, sweet potato.

 Chia seeds

 – Add them in your smoothies or salads – they work to repair and maintain your muscles and endurance.

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