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What is Pittsburgh-Style Steak?

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What is Pittsburgh-Style Steak? Pittsburgh-Style Steak is a grilling method that produces a high-grade char on the outside of the steak while leaving the inside rare or medium rare. This char creates an incredibly juicy steak full of flavor and tenderness.

How to Prepare a Pittsburgh-Style Steak

To make a steak this way, you'll need to get your fire pit or grill as hot as possible, then place the meat on it seven to ten minutes before the heat is at its highest. This will help the meat's internal temperature cook evenly and quickly.

How to Cook a Black and Blue Steak

A Black and Blue steak is a unique cut of meat that is rare on the inside and charred on the outside. This steak requires an open-flame grill and must be cooked on a high flame to achieve a perfect sear without cooking the meat up too much.

How to Make a Pittsburgh Steak Salad

A Pittsburgh steak salad is made with mixed greens (romaine or Iceberg) and topped with steak, French fries, tomatoes, cucumbers, a hard-boiled egg, cheese & ranch dressing. It's often served with a side of potato chips.

History of Pittsburgh Steak

While the exact origin of the term Pittsburgh-style steak isn't known, it is thought to have originated in the steel mills in Pittsburgh. Steelworkers would bring raw steaks to work and, on their lunch breaks, slap them onto the huge searing-hot molten steel "tubs" that were a part of their daily routine. While this story isn't entirely true, it has become an accepted myth in the area.

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