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Our 6 Favorite Coffee Shops in Seattle WA

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SEATTLE, WA - We've compiled a list of our favorite must-try coffee shops in Seattle, WA. These include Fuel Coffee Shop, Makeda and Mingus Coffee Shop, and Papá Chango Café. Seattle is a city known for its unique coffee culture. Coffee shops are a staple in Seattle, and the coffee there is some of the best in the world. If you're visiting the area, you'll want to try these top coffee shops.

Makeda and Mingus

Makeda and Mingus is a coffee shop in Greenwood, Seattle, WA. It is a great place to have a cup of java in the rainy weather of Northwest Seattle. The establishment features a reasonably priced menu of coffee and food and an extensive list of alcoholic beverages. As an added plus, the establishment is dog friendly.

Black Coffee Northwest

The Seattle area is known for its thriving coffee culture. This city is home to numerous cafes, which are perfect spots for sipping coffee and enjoying the city's bohemian atmosphere. Black Coffee Northwest is a great Seattle cafe that offers an incredible cup of coffee. You can order a rich espresso or a creamy latte. There is a colorful area behind the store, as well. They also host after-school programs for neighborhood youth.

Herkimer Coffee

If you're looking for a caffeine buzz on a budget, look no further than Herkimer Coffee in Seattle, WA. It's a local favorite, and the owner is a bona fide coffee geek. They're known for their high-quality coffee and fair labor compensation. And the best part is that they are a ten-minute walk from the Seattle waterfront. So if you're in the mood for fine coffee and great company, check out Herkimer Coffee in Seattle.

Papá Changó Cafe

Papa Chango Cafe is one of the most famous coffee shops in Seattle. In addition to offering excellent espresso, they also bake amazing pastries. Their latte art is impressive. The cafe offers several interesting beverages, including espressos, cold brews, and non-coffee seasonal drinks.

Cafe Allegro

Cafe Allegro is one of the oldest espresso bars in Seattle. Its co-founder has a long history in the gourmet coffee industry. Founded in 1975, the business offers small-lot batches of high-quality coffee. In addition to its regular menu, they also host open mics, live music, and other events.

Seattle Coffee Works

Seattle Coffee Works is a modern coffee house with a traditional ambiance. It offers a wide range of drinks. The cafe is located in view of the Space Needle. This spot is perfect for reading, socializing, or quiet time.

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