Demo Day: Beginning of House Flipping

Demolition Day has arrived! Today's episode takes us back to pre-travel and pre-Covid days where we get to work on flipping a home. This is the beginning of making money to afford long term travel. We've always used real estate to fund our long term travels, but we've never shared the process of flipping a home until now.

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We are Erin and Jordan, or E & J, a married couple from Indiana traveling the world in hopes of expanding our horizons. (World travel was pre-Covid. We will be stateside for the foreseeable future.) We take our audience along as we travel to places we've never been before. By showing you the foods we eat, and the places and things we see, we hope you feel immersed in that country or state. In addition to travel, we bring you videos that showcase the community where we grew up, Jeffersonville, IN.

Louisville, KY

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