How Do Apples Go from Orchard to Store?

How Do Apples Go from Orchard to Store?By Farhana

And an answer to the always popular, “Why are grocery store apples red?”

It took scientists about a decade to come up with the answer. But we’re here now.

Grocery store apples and the apple industry have the same health problem. Apples, on the whole, are not what you would call the healthy food. One or two apples a day, sometimes in salads, can be fine. But an apple a day just isn’t enough.

Most people don’t eat apples like that. Most people eat apples several times a day.

As I learned the hard way, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to apples. But what’s the harm? I want the good stuff. What’s the health risk in eating apples, especially organic apples?

The bad news is, even eating just one apple per day can be bad for you. That’s because most people eat apples many times a day.

After learning that Apple A also contains Phytic acid, which is an enzyme that makes the cell walls of the fruit stronger, so they don’t break down as easily, I wasn’t sure what to do about this.

If you eat an apple, you’re probably OK.

But when you eat apples with an A or two other substances, like Kasai Organic Dark Chocolate Honey Apple, you can have issues. If you eat too many apples, you can develop an intolerance to the A.

If you just eat a few apples with Phytic acid, you should have no problem. But if you eat two apples with Kasai, you can’t eat more. You have to stop.

Another concern is tartaric acid, found in apple pectin. Apples contain this acid as well. Tartaric acid is in your wine as well and can cause issues with bleeding. If you bleed, it may take a few days to heal and put you at risk for infection.

It’s difficult to know what amounts are too much to eat, but it’s worth the extra work to eat apples naturally.

That said, you don’t have to be away from apples. Apples are a good choice in stir-fries or roasted as a snack. They have a lot of fiber, which is good for us. Eating an apple with yogurt or nuts, but I’m going to suggest you eat it in cider — just make sure you know the rules.

Knowing what you can and can’t eat from apples can be a problem. (And so can try to eat apples like an apple.... apples are in more than one family. You have the bruschetta, or as I call them, the mooing apples. Moo apples. It’s supposed to be obnoxious. “Moo apples” are apples that have been allowed to ferment and become sour. And you can’t eat these. So take heed. Know the rules.)

I’ve found an antidote: buy Winesap apples. This apple, despite its bad reputation, is considered a very good apple. You can consume it properly from the tree.

It’s also a great eating apple, without much of the bruschetta juice in it. I haven’t gotten sick from eating Winesap apples.

I eat these apples with stevia. Yeah, I know. They don’t taste like apples. (The “health nuts” are right about one thing: Stevia and apples are not a good match.) But they have about half the sugar and calories of an average snack. And the peels are non-toxic.

I am also allergic to those other two nasty-sounding substances in apples: Ipecac and Mannitol. Just for the record, I’m allergic to mannitol, Ipecac, acrolein, tartaric acid, and sodium nitrate. But I can eat them. There are also all the natural sweeteners — maple syrup, honey, a bit of cinnamon — but they will also add sugar. I tried avoiding them with honey — I took to selling it — but it only increased my cravings. So I’m telling you now, add some honey.

Eating apples like apples, the way they’re meant to be eaten, seems to cure-all.

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