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3 Good Ice Cream Shops in Bakersfield You Have to Try


Find the coolest ice cream shops when the weather gets hot
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You're probably looking for something cool now that summer has arrived.

A scoop of ice cream. Or a couple of scoops.

When it comes to ice cream, everyone has a different taste. Some people like plain flavors like vanilla and chocolate. Some people like more fruity-flavored sorbet. On the other hand, some people like healthier such as frozen yogurt.

It’s very difficult to say what makes perfect ice cream, simply because there are a couple of different types of it, such as gelato, ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet.

Ice Cream: The most common frozen treat is ice cream. Ice cream mixture must contain at least 10% milkfat in order to be classified as ice cream.

Gelato: Gelato, the Italian cousin of ice cream, is made with whole milk rather than cream. As a result, the milkfat content is significantly lower than in typical ice cream.

Frozen Yogurt: Frozen yogurt is one of the trending forms of frozen treats right now. This frozen dessert contains many of the same ingredients as ice cream but has a much lower fat content. There's even yogurt in there.

Sorbet: Sorbet is another form of ice cream that includes very little dairy. It has a light texture and taste since it is made with frozen fruits and sweetened water.

Although there are different types and variations of ice creams, for me, it doesn't matter whether it's gelato, sorbet, or frozen yogurt as long as it tastes good. Because I believe that each type of ice cream has its own unique touch and I enjoy eating different types of it.

Nowadays, every place around us sells ice cream. However, for an ice cream lover like me, it is very important to find a place that makes a good one.

For all of these reasons, this wasn’t an easy list to make for me. However, here are the three best ice cream shops in Bakersfield, based on ice cream lovers' recommendations.

1. Cold Heart Ice Cream
Cold Heart Ice Cream
Not too long ago in 2018 a couple of friends found themselves reminiscing about their childhood and the enjoyment they found when they went to their local ice cream parlor. Their longing to reconnect with their childhood forged the idea of recreating a neighborhood ice cream parlor filled with tradition, colorful décor, and an atmosphere you can enjoy. After much planning and heartfelt ideas, Cold Heart Ice Cream was born. Cold Heart Ice Cream is filled with unique Mexican ice cream flavors, homemade refreshing fruit beverages, and one-of-a-kind mouthwatering savory snacks. Cold Heart Ice Cream opened its doors on August 15, 2019, and they are excited to welcome people of all ages to a unique place where they can enjoy, share, and create their own memories. - Cold Heart Ice Cream

Recommendations based on customer reviews:

  • If you're looking for a different take on traditional ice cream, you have to come to try some of what's being served up here.
  • This a cute little ice cream shop with a Mexican twist. They had so many unique flavors of ice cream to choose from including gansitos, mazapán, avocado, and strawberry wine.
  • The sorbets are bold and flavorful.
  • They also have crepes and churros that can be combined with your ice cream as well as other dessert treats on the menu.

Price: On average, it's $5 - 7 per cup.

Location: 2695-B Mt Vernon Ave Bakersfield, CA 93306


2. Dewar's Ice Cream & Fine Candies
Dewar's Ice Cream & Fine Candies
Dewar's Ice Cream & Fine Candies is known for its world-famous taffy chews, hand-dipped chocolates, and amazing old fashion ice cream specialties. Whether you are having a seat at the soda fountain or just coming in to enjoy some amazing candy, you will understand why they have been in business for over 100 years! - Dewar's Ice Cream & Fine Candies

Recommendations based on customer reviews:

  • It's such a cute little ice cream shop and so colorful and chock full of candy and other goodies.
  • Their taffy's are incredible and you cannot stop at just one, two, or three.  
  • And, there are so many flavors to choose from.
  • They serve all kinds of other cold treats from shakes to sundaes all made with their own brand of ice cream.

Price: On average, it's $5 - 8 per cup.

Location: 1120 Eye St Bakersfield, CA 93304


3. Creamistry
At Creamistry, we handcraft our premium ice cream one delicious scoop at a time! We use liquid nitrogen to flash freeze individual ice cream orders at -321° F. Our unique freezing process results in ice cream that is ultra-creamy, decadently rich, and unbelievably fresh! Made-to-order and customizable just the way you like it, one bite is all it takes to taste the Creamistry difference! - Creamistry

Recommendations based on customer reviews:

  • They have really great options for those that are lactose intolerant or vegan.
  • They have plenty of options for everyone's request. The flavors and different types of treats vary and make everyone happy.
  • You can taste the quality and the difference in the ingredients. You really can't beat freshly made just for you and they have a ton of options.

Price: On average, it's $8 - 10 per cup.

Location: 3900 California Ave Ste 200 Bakersfield, CA 93309



Ice cream shops have expanded rapidly over the last few years. This list is but a few of the best ice cream shops in Bakersfield.

If there’s a good ice cream shop you would like to recommend besides this list of best ice creams in Bakersfield, let us know in the comments below!

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