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When it comes to taco, I don't know about you but there is only one red line for me: a taco should be soft.

As long as the corn tortillas are soft, the type of the taca doesn't matter for me.

When it comes to tacos, there are a plethora of combinations and twists inspired by ingredients from all over the world. Despite the large range of tacos available today, there are a number of traditional tacos that you should try. From pork tacos like carnitas and al pastor to fish tacos and even vegetarian tacos, these Mexican tacos are full of flavor and tradition.

Tacos are one of Mexico's most common street foods, despite the fact that their exact origin is unknown.

However, nowadays, wherever we turn our head, there is a taco place. However, for a taco lover like me, it is very important to find a place that makes a great taco.

For all of these reasons, this wasn’t an easy list to make for me. However, here are the three best taco places in Palo Alto, based on taco lovers' recommendations.

1. Reposado
Established in 2008. It's not a complicated story....just a small restaurant group and a few people with a shared dream to create a fun eating house serving amazing, delicious Mexican food. So, we created Reposado. We don't think of ourselves as fine dining, even if our food is truly exceptionally fine. Fine Mexican food and tequilas. Reposado has researched some of the finest vineyards and distilleries in the world. - Reposado

Recommendations based on customer reviews:

  • Great authentic Mexican food. Everything is great, fresh, and flavorful.
  • Street tacos are delicious.
  • Guacamole is outstanding.
  • Upside down banana cake with ice cream is a must-try.
  • The Tres Leches Cake dessert is a must-have to finish off a great meal.

Price: On average, it's $55 - 60 for two people.

Location: 236 Hamilton Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301


2. Three Brothers Tacos
Three Brothers Tacos
The family-owned business, Three Brothers Tacos, began from a Taco Truck in South San Francisco, CA. The staff were made up of two owners, and their three brothers. Soon, after much success as a Taco Truck, the owners sought for a place to permenantly re-locate. They found Palo Alto, CA as the rightful place. Three Brothers Tacos then relocated from Donohoe (IKEA's current location) to University Avenue and currently serving the community. Their Mexican Fast-Food Restaurant targets those who enjoy eating in and those who like take-out. Tacos, Burritos, and Quesadillas are their specialty, however feel free to enjoy other authentic Mexican dishes like sopes, enchiliadas, tamales, and the list goes on. - Three Brothers Tacos

Recommendations based on customer reviews:

  • Tacos, burritos, quesadillas and the enchiladas. All are delicious!
  • The best taco place I know of on the peninsula!
  • Fresh salsa is delicious.
  • There are endless types of combinations of tacos to get.

Price: On average, it's $25 - 30 for two people.

Location: 2220 University Ave. E. Palo Alto, CA 94303


3. Tacolicious
Tacolicious may have launched in 2009 as a stand at the Thursday Ferry Plaza Farmers Market, but Joe's (the owner) affair with Mexico started when he was a kid. Back in the 70's, his parents would hitch a catamaran to their VW van and drive the family down to Baja to camp on the beach for months at a time. When Joe returned to Mexico as an adult, it was trip that he and Sara took to Mexico City, eating their way through modern spots such as Contramar and El Califa, that provided the "aha" moment that ultimately lead to Tacolicious. By the start of 2010, T-lish had opened its first brick-and-mortar on Chestnut Street. Today, they have three Bay Area locations as well as one in Manhattan Beach, LA, and the food they serve is as San Franciscan (see: Marina Girl salads, pastrami tacos) as it is a heartfelt homage to Mexico (see: suadero, chicken tinga). - Tacolicious

Recommendations based on customer reviews:

  • I'm a big eater and the tacos are great size.
  • Pastrami tacos and the pacific cod tacos are highly recommended.
  • Very good "street" tacos, numerous varieties.
  • The guacamole is simple yet satisfying with no added "stuff".
  • And their salsa sides are bomb.

Price: On average, it's $25 - 30 for two people.

Location: 632 Emerson St Palo Alto, CA 94301



The taco places have expanded rapidly over the last years. This list is but a few of the best taco restaurants in Palo Alto.

If there’s a good taco you would like to recommend besides this list of best tacos in Palo Alto, let us know in the comments below!

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