If You Don't Know How to Start, Find Your Creator-Market Fit


You need to find a niche within a niche


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Twitch, Patreon, Instagram, Clubhouse, Youtube, Twitter…

Nowadays, most content creators try to reach large audiences through these platforms. Still, a tiny portion of content creators can reach more than 1000 people.

Although there might be different reasons, it’s mainly because most of the content creators start producing before finding their content-market fit.


The creator-market fit concept comes from the product-market fit framework, which is widely used in the startup and product world. In the creator economy, creating content is not very different than developing a product.

According to Hotjar, product market fit, often referred to as ‘product/market’ or ‘product-market’ fit, describes the stage of a startup company where they have successfully identified a target customer and serve them with the right product. After achieving product/market fit, the next step is to scale by finding more customers within the target market through research (user feedback and interviews).


To stand out from the crowd, a content creator need to find a niche within a niche before getting started.

When finding a niche within a niche, it might be helpful to listen to Russell Brunson:

The content creators need to go three levels deep to find their niche.

The first level consists of three main topics: Health, Wealth, and Relationship. In the first level, the content creator needs to choose which of the three markets he's going to operate within.

The second level is deciding on a sub-area. If the content creator chooses wealth as the main area, he can select investing as a sub-area.

The third level is where the content creator decides on his niche within a niche. With investing as a sub-area, he can go with cryptocurrency investing as a niche.

According to Peter Yang, to really stand out, you need to find a niche within a niche. For example, instead of doing video reviews for new movies on YouTube, you might start by reviewing Korean movie thrillers with twist endings. I just made that up, but the point is - the more specific your niche is, the more unique your content will be, and the more you'll separate yourself from everyone else.

When the content creator finds his niche within a niche, he is deciding on his “Creator — Market Fit.” Creator — Market Fit is the union between :

  • What you have credibility on & What you’re good at
  • What interests you & What you enjoy making it
  • What your audience wants

To find the creator-market fit, the content creator can start writing down what he's good at and what he has credibility on. After that, it's easier to find interests among credible knowledge. Lastly, as Peter Yang says, once you find a topic that you want to explore further, look for people who are passionate about it on social media and follow their conversations.

In this way, the content creator can better understand what the audience wants and what the market demands in the specific niche.

Here are a few creators who successfully found a niche:

  • Marques Brownlee (13M subscribers) reviews tech products on YouTube.
  • David Perell (141K followers) is known as "The Writing Guy" on Twitter.
  • Sheriff Eli (265K followers) uses his cop persona to stream GTA on Twitch.


One last thing, content creators must work on a creator-market fit framework until they're confident that they've got a compelling foundation for their content strategy.

As a creator, it's hard to build an audience without finding a good niche, and it's hard to make money if you haven't built an audience. Try to tackle each need in rough priority order to work your way up to a personal monopoly. - P. Yang

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