Washington's COVID Vaccine Lottery Winner Claims $250K Prize

Dwight Benedict

The gentleman who received the first 250,000 dollars reward at the COVID-19 Lottery in Washington, D.C., claimed his reward on Thursday.

"I was lucky," stated Lance R, the winner, in a declaration issued by the Lottery. "I mainly was lucky I was not stricken with COVID before the development and availability of vaccinations. There was no such luck in millions over the planet."

"Totally unexpected," he remarked. Winning the money was "icing on the cake," he claimed.

The Lottery did not disclose any information on which part of the State Lance R. lives in to ensure his privacy and security.

His name was picked from the drawing on Tuesday, which was reached on Wednesday via telephone. According to lottery spokesman Dan Miller, lottery officials are hoping to hear from the other winners this week, who left multiple voice messages. Winners will be able to request their consolation awards for 72 hours.

Every Tuesday through June, the State will continue to host draws with the draw for the largest prize – a $1 million jackpot – slated for 13 July. To encourage Washingtonians to take the COVID-19-vaccine, the State additionally issues airplane tickets, sports-event tickets, Xboxes, and other awards.

Eligibility and entry in the lottery are automatic for anybody vaccinated and whose vaccination provider submitted receiver information into the Washington Immunization Information System by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday before Tuesday draws.

Gov. Jay Inslee and the health authorities expect the initiative to drive the state to vaccinate 70 percent of 16 and more inhabitants. As of Monday, roughly 64% of 16 and more inhabitants had got at least one immunization, and 56% had been immunized entirely.

Lance R. used his message to encourage citizens of Washington to be vaccinated if they haven't yet.

"Let us be vaccinated," he added, "for yourself, those who take care of you, and the larger community of which we are all part. You may win a lot of money to top it off."

If you plan to get yourself vaccinated, the Washington State Department of Health's website provides all information on the vaccination workflow and answers to frequently asked questions.

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