Lady Who Adopted A Hungry Street Dog Arrested And Sent To 6 Months In Jail ‘You're Not The Rightful Owner’


This is a Nonfictional article based on true facts provided by a family friend who was present at the time; it is used with permission.

Anita is a huge fan of pets; when she was younger, she would steal snacks from her mother's shop in order to feed people's hungry dogs. Anita has always wanted to have many pet animals, including cats, dogs, and even parrots, but she was always unable to do so due to her parents' strict rules and regulations.

Anita turned 19 and decided to leave her parents' house in search of a more comfortable environment where she would no longer be subjected to strict rules. Although some of her friends objected due to her age butAnita is a stubborn person who will not back down from her words.

She was still enjoying her free time three months after moving out, including coming back late, skipping school whenever she wanted, and many other activities. But there is one thing Anita desperately misses: pets. I remember telling her once when she was complaining about being lonely, "A pet would be the right person to keep you company," and she agreed.

Anita was still preparing and setting up her house to buy a dog when something unexpected happened. She was walking down the street when she noticed a hungry and lonely dog going around the street without any help. She decided it would be appropriate to train the dog because no one is taking care of it and she desperately needs a pet in her house.

She quickly took the dog home, bathed him, and took him to the hospital. After doing all the necessary things, Anita began feeding and loving the dog, taking him for walks, buying him dog clothes, and even building a comfortable home for the dog inside her compound.
Street Hungry DogPhoto byBored Panda

Six months after she illegally adopted the dog, the police tracked Anita and the dog down, arrested and charged Anita for illegal possession of the dog, and won the case, much to Anita's surprise.

Anita was sentenced to 6 months in prison, but the dog was not having it at all, biting two police officers who wanted to arrest Anita and becoming overly aggressive toward them in the court room. The judge noticed how much the dog loves Anita and decided to change her decision, canceling her sentence and demanding that Anita be allowed to legally process everything needed about the dog and also stats that the dog loves and only Anita could take good care of him.

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