Parents Horribly Murdered A Cat For being Too Close To Their 10-Year Old Daughter


When I moved to Texas, I met Edward and Jane, a cute couple with a beautiful daughter named Jessica. Jessica is ten years old, but she dislikes spending time with her parents; instead, she prefers to lock herself in her room from morning to night so she can play with her cat.
Girl and her catCats Protection

Edward and Jane have tried everything to make Jessica realize that being too attached to a pet rather than a human being can cause a lot of damage to her mental health when the cat dies, but despite their pleas, Jessica still spends most of her free time with her cat.

Edward and Jane began looking for a way to get rid of the pet. After trying every possible method and failing miserably, they decided to stage an accident in order to end the little cat's life.

They throw the cat from their upper-story building at night, pretending nothing happened. When Jane awoke in the morning, she started looking for her pet, but it was nowhere to be found. She told her parents about it, and they pretended to be looking for the cat with her until a neighbor arrived at their house to announce the news.

The daughter cried for a few weeks after losing the pet, but she is gradually coming out of her shell and is now playing with her parents and friends.

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