What you should expect to see in Redwood National and State Parks, California


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In the beginning, I used to think that like all other national parks Redwood is only one park. But Redwood is a combination of several parks. Generally, Redwood National Park, Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, Del Norte Coast Redwoods State Park, and Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park- these four parks are combinedly known as Redwood National Park. But there are more Redwood Parks and lots of amazing places full of giants in the area. Located in the northwest region of California, this National Park is home to some of the tallest trees on earth. World’s tallest tree ‘Hyperion’, second tallest tree ‘Helios’ and third one ‘Icarus’ -all three of them are in Redwood National and state parks, though the exact locations are kept secret to protect the trees. In this blog post, I am going to talk about the places to visit in Redwood National Parks.

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Fern Canyon

If you have seen ‘The lost world: Jurassic Park’, probably you have seen this canyon. This is one of the most visited places in Redwoods. Once you start hiking the trail, you will know why it is called Fern Canyon. Both walls of the Canyon are covered with ferns, mosses, and other greenery. If you take the Fern Canyon Loop trail a 1-mile loop hike, you will travel through the canyon and then onto the rim above. But to enjoy the most beautiful section of the canyon you do not need to hike all the way. You just need to hike 0.5 mile (round trip) which is easy, and you can turn around any time. If you visit this place any other season than summer, most likely there will be water and you may get wet, but the trail is still doable. So, be prepared to get wait while you enjoy some of the coolest movie scenes.

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Big tree

Located in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, this trail is a very short walk that leads to the big tree. You will feel goosebumps at the base of the tree- how big it is! If you want to see some more giant trees, take the Circle trail, which is only 0.3 miles.

Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway

This scenic parkway is a great way to explore the forest only by driving. This 10-mile road winds through an old-growth forest in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. Here you will be able to sport Roosevelt elk in the large meadow right from your car’s windows at the south end of the road. You can also explore the trails including Big Tree Wayside and ah-pah for an experience that is deeper than you could think of.

Klamath River Overlook

This scenic overlook is a spot where you will be able to the coastline where the river meets the sea. And this overlook is popular for wildlife watching. If you are lucky, you may spot a sea lion or a whale from this overlook. November, December, March, and April are the best months to see the migrating whales. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars. Large vehicles including RV’s are not recommended to enter this road.

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Lady Bird Johnson Grove

This flat, short loop trail will take you through the redwoods to the grove where Ladybird Johnson, the former first lady of the United States dedicated the redwoods to the National Park Service in 1968. The ridgetop loop trail is only 1.5 miles, and the trailhead is located on the Bald Hills road. You will see Redwoods surrounded by the ferns and rhododendrons with pink flowers if you visit in late spring.

Coastal trail

The coastal trail runs for miles following the coast of California all the way to the Prairie Creek Redwoods state park. You can go for a long trail or go for a short one -1.2 mile round trip to Enderts Beach. If you are visiting this one, be prepared to see some big drop-offs.

Trillium Falls

Imagine a beautiful waterfall in the redwood surrounded by interesting flora including redwoods to firs, maples, ferns, and mosses- how amazing it would be to visit! Yes, this is Trillium falls, a beautiful waterfall trail in the park. If you visit during late spring or early summer, you will be able to see three-petaled Western Trillium wildflowers and pink Pacific Rhododendron. To reach the waterfall you have to take a 2.6-mile moderate loop trail that starts from the Elk Meadow. The location of the waterfall is 0.5 miles in the trail. In case you do not want to hike the full trail, you can visit up to trillium lake and come back.

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Howland hill road

This road is a dirt road with potholes and bumps along the way, but it will take you to some of the amazing spots in the Redwoods. You may need around one hour or more to drive this 6-mile scenic road. Popular trails such as Stout Grove and the Boys Scout tree trail start on this road. Stout Grove trail is a very short and easy trail -around 0.5 miles that will take you into the deep forest full of Redwoods. This road is quite narrow and not recommended for RVs and trailers. You will see a lot of giant trees right across the road. The Boy Scout trail is around a 5-mile round trip with an elevation change of 750 ft, which will take you to the most beautiful old-growth redwoods.

Redwood is full of wonderful places. If you have more days, you can explore more places and backpack in the different parts of the park.


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