You won't believe this is in Texas: Crystal beach, where you can drive and camp on the beach

Crystal Beach Sunrise, Texas

When we think about Texas, somehow, we always imagine that rugged rough desert with no source of water and hot humid weather. I used to think like that. But as soon as I started to explore, I found many places to explore, many things to see. I remember driving for ten hours just to search a beach where I can drive my car on the beach. What I didn’t know that there is a beach in Texas where you can drive your vehicle on the beach. Not only that, but you can also camp on the beach, stay the night in your tent and listen to the music of the waves all night long. I am not going to claim that the water is crystal blue, or this is the most amazing beach I have even been to. But this is something, some experience.

Last year during the summer month, we wanted to go out for a weekend. Nothing so fancy but wanted to stay somewhere quiet. That time, we found crystal beach, which is around four hours driving distance from our home. This was so close, and we did not even know. One fine Friday afternoon, we started our drive to Crystal Beach. Honestly, that time, we did not even know what to expect. But I must say, this experience was an amazing one. When we reached at the beach, it was just right after sunset. At the beginning, the beach was crowded with a lot of people. But as soon as the light of the day began to fade away and darkness consumed the whole area, the crowd started to disappear. Around eight, there were a few people, the people who were camping. We were trying to find a spot suitable for us. A spot not so crowded, but still in the beach. There were no numbered camping spot or fixed camping spot in the beach. You can simply park your car anywhere and set up your tent. We found a good one and set up our tent. We brought marinated chicken and grill with us. We made a small campfire and grilled the chicken while watching the crashing waves. For most part of the night, it was really soothing to listen to the waves. There is something amazing about the sound of the wave and the wind in the beach. There is a certain freedom that I really love while in the beach. Overall, it was a pure blissful night and the morning started with a very gorgeous, beautiful sunrise. We woke up right before the sunrise and watched one of the most beautiful sunrises where the sun literally rises from the sea horizon. I thought it would be only us. But I was so amazed to see a lot of people enjoying sunrise with us. From golden orange color to a bright yellow sun- we saw how the color of the sun changes. Honestly, it was really amazing to watch. It was quite an experience to enjoy swimming in the water for a bit and walk on the pristine sandy beach. We finished our gateway with a heavy branch and called it a day. Overall, this was a perfect day trip for both of us.
Driving on the beach during wildflower season

This beach is an amazing one for a beach gateway. You can not only relax on the beach but also, camp here. That is the amazing part of this gateway. Imagine waking up listening to the sound of the crashing waves. One thing is a must required in this beach parking is the parking sticker. The ticker should be always visible on the vehicle display section. You can purchase the sticker from online. Also, most of the stores and real estate agencies in the area sell the parking sticker. We bought ours from a local store. It is that easy. Even if you don’t want to camp here, you can enjoy chill out here for quite some time, drive on the sandy beach, or even a simple walk can be magical. This 27-mile beautiful beach is perfect for a soothing day with your friends and family. We saw many families with children were enjoying their time in the beach, soaking up the sun, swimming in the warm water, doing bar-b-q. Some were building a sandcastle. Some people were kayaking along the shoreline. Overall, this beach is really happening. Specially the summer months are really crowded. So, think about the crowd when you are planning. You can plan for the weekdays if you want to avoid crowd.

At a glance

  • Address: Crystal beach, Texas
  • Activity: Camping, swimming, Kayaking, driving on the beach.
  • Permit/Fee: Parking sticker needed, price 10 usd. You can purchase the sticker here: Bolivar Beach Parking Sticker Program (
  • If you are driving on the beach, please be cautious about it. For some vehicles, it may be a little bit tricky to drive on the sand while others work fine.
  • Please be respectful about the place and leave no trace. While camping, please be respectful about others privacy. Remember, you are sharing a beautiful place with others. So, be mindful about it and keep it as it is for others, which means caring about the environment, not feeding the birds or any wildlife in general and taking out all your trashes with you. Leave only your footsteps and nothing else.
Beach camping, Texas

Crystal beach sunset, Texas

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