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Who can’t be in love with flowers, right? Specially, when the field is full of flowers, no one can beat that beauty. I know this is only the start of spring, still have some time left for Sunflower blooming. I decided to write this blog so that you can have plenty of time figuring out the Sunflower festival nearby and what to expect. I do not know if I have told you that I live in Baton Rouge and there is not a single Sunflower field nearby. By Sunflower field I meant a huge field full of beautiful Sunflowers, not a few strands in a nearby garden. I have seen pictures of that kind of field and found one that is almost five hours away from Baton Rouge. So, one fine morning, we both decided to go for it. And I am glad that we did.

Basically, the Sunflower Trail and Festival in Gilliam, LA is an annual event that held every year for one day generally the third Saturday in June by the non-profit organization, Red River Crossroads Historical Association. The festival is not only full of blooming flowers but also art, craft, music, food, and other different activities. This event or the festival is free for everyone. And the good thing is that you don’t have to come to the festival to enjoy the Sunflower. You can visit any time and enjoy the Sunflower fields. The fields are open to the public as long as there are Sunflowers in the fields. There are a number of Sunflower fields located on Highway 3049 between Shreveport and Gilliam and on the Sentell Rd Loop. The trail is approximately 20 miles in length, and you will be able to find Sunflower fields of various sizes: large, medium and small. You have to drive through the trail to find the Sunflower fields as there is no definite address.

This Sunflower trail is mainly a country road drive with different kind of fields on both sides. And during the time period mid-June to early July, many of these fields become full of blooming flowers. The farmers plant the seeds and take care of the plants with the intention that during the time of the festival they will be in full bloom. But that also depend on the weather condition and other factors. You can bring scissors and take some flowers with you. I found this information in the Facebook page of the Sunflower trail and festival. It must be really wonderful to be able to bring some flowers some with you. As there is no hour of operation during this blooming season, you can go early to catch the sunrise and the Sunflowers facing towards the sun or you can stay late to watch the last rays of the day falling the flowers and creating a very beautiful scene. We visited the fields on a very hot summer day. As soon as we saw the beautiful Sunflower fields, we both forgot about everything including the hot humid weather. It was quite a sight. All the yellow green field, the flowers standing tall, gently swaying in the breeze or the bee wandering here and there with a humming buzz- something we both needed right that moment. Imagine the blue sky, a huge field full of yellow Sunflowers, and all the flowers turning towards sun- what an amazing sight it was! While visiting, we found a maze in one of the fields. I am not sure if they make it every year, or it was that year special.

Last year due to Covid-19, the festival was canceled. This year they set a date June 19, 2021 for the Sunflower trail festival event. Even if the festival gets canceled, still you will be able to visit the fields and drive through the trail. One thing to keep in mind that these fields are open to our enjoyment. So, we should be respectful to the farm fields and neighborhood. This is a place which you enjoy with friends and family specially if you are attending the festival full of color, music, photography, and food. Kids will love some off in the maze of the Sunflower fields and enjoy the beauty of the nature. Now that you have all the information, don’t wait. Plan for visiting the field full of Sunflower which are quite enough to brighten your day. If you are outside of Louisiana, I am pretty sure there are some Sunflower fields nearby. Search for it and enjoy.

At a glance/fact

  • Where: Gilliam, LA 71029
  • Best time to go: mid-June to early July
  • Fee: No fee required. The fields are open to the public when the flowers are blooming.
  • Hours: No hours of operation
  • Bloom updates: Check out the facebook page for the updates.
  • Sunflower Trail & Festival | Facebook
  • · The festival is wheelchair accessible. There are some fields that are wheelchair accessible.
  • · Check the weather and dress accordingly as it may get very hot during June in Louisiana.


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