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Spring is knocking at the door. To me, Fall and Spring are the most amazing time of the year when nature takes control of everything. Spring is the most magical time where there is flower everywhere. There are colors everywhere, wildlife is more active than ever. It seems like the whole world was sleeping and now they are ready to start the day. Spring is like life, youth and warm vibe and I like a lot about it. We live in Louisiana, the farthest southern point of USA where the weather is hot and humid. We don’t get any snow, may be zero to one inch once in a ten-year period and that means ‘stay at home’ for us. But that whole another story. Now coming back to Spring, I love how it brings changes even in Louisiana. There are flowers everywhere, different shades of pink, magenta, red, violet, white – so many beautiful colors. Even every neighborhood is also dressed up wearing the ornament of flower. I really enjoy this time.

This year we had a chance to visit a very picturesque place in Louisiana where we got to see colorful azaleas with the oak trees. I mean, think how beautiful it can be! One thing I love about Louisiana is the Oak trees. The leading path in between the row of Oak trees really makes an awesome view. There are a few plantation homes like this where you get to see this view. But think colorful azaleas on both side of the road- how incredible this could be! We got to know from a friend that there is a place like this, and azaleas are in full bloom. We did not think much but went to visit that place. Our friend was so right, and I am glad we went to visit the garden. This place is known as Afton Villa Gardens located in St. Francisville, Louisiana, almost one hour away from where we live. We reached there around 8 am as we were not sure about the location of the pathway, if it is inside or outside the main garden. The pathway was inside the gate and the gate opens around 9 am, but we are already in love of the view. From the gate, we could see the road that leads to the main garden and it was full of colorful azaleas mainly magenta and red in between the Oak trees. We both were blown always by the beauty of this place.

Not only the path, the garden, the barn, the villa, and everything carry a long history. Today how we see the villa and the garden was not like this before. This place was a terraced ruin of the palatial home that was built in 1849 by Susan Barrow. In 1915, Lewis family restored the place and Percy family maintained it till 1963 when the home was burned down. In 1972, almost after ten years of the fire, Morrell and Genevieve Trimble visited the place while traveling from New Orleans to Natchez. They found this place completely devastated, sky high tall grass, azaleas covered with vines, and the ruins of the old house everything crying out loud for restoration. They saw the beauty underneath the layers of dust and decided to rebuild and restore the place before someone decide to destroy the place. They decided to protect the land, and the result is standing right in front of our eyes. Now the garden, the barn, the pond, the pathway everything combines 25 acres of floral beauty. It is really amazing to see how their effort change the place to something really beautiful. People love to visit this place, have picnic, enjoy the flower garden and to be in the nature. When I came to know about this two awesome people, I really felt happy; Mr. and Mrs. Trimble – they recovered a treasure which was nearly lost in fire and lack of proper establishment.

Every year, hundreds of visitors come here to St. Francisville to enjoy the beautiful Afton Villa Gardens. The most traditional feature of the garden is the maze and the parterre garden, which are still similar to the original design with some trivial alterations. There are different types of flowers such as azaleas, tulips, daffodils, spirea, camelia, wisteria, larkspur, etc. many others. You can find the blooming season and which flower is in season in this link:

You can also call them just to ensure the flower condition and other details. Though we mainly wanted to see the azalea bloom, we saw tulip, wisteria, and some other flowers as a bonus. Spring is generally the busy time for the garden as many weddings and different events take place here. This place is really one amazing place if you want to enjoy the floral beauty of Spring. We have been there last week; I think we may end up going again next weekend. I am glad that we found this local beauty just around the corner.

At a glance/fact

  • Address: 9047 US Hwy 61, St. Francisville, LA 70775
  • Spring Season: March 1st- June 30th, 2021
  • Fall Season: October 1st – November 30th, 2021
  • Hours: 9 am – 4:30 pm, open seven days a week
  • Fee: 5 USD for adult, children under 12 -free
  • Phone: (225)-635-6773
  • Alt. (225)-721-2269
  • Email:


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