Bizarre and shocking laws in Arkansas you never knew existed

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Arkansas, known for its picturesque landscapes and rich cultural heritage, also holds a few peculiar secrets in its legal history. While some of these laws might have made sense in their historical context, they now stand as quirky relics of the past. Join us on a fascinating journey as we explore some of the most bizarre and shocking laws in Arkansas that you probably never knew existed. From unconventional animal-related regulations to peculiar driving restrictions, the Natural State has its fair share of peculiar statutes.

1. Alligators in Bathtubs

It might sound like the beginning of an urban legend, but it's true! In Arkansas, it is strictly prohibited to keep an alligator in your bathtub. While the origin of this law remains unknown, it's safe to say that Arkansans won't be sharing their bathrooms with these reptiles anytime soon.

2. Mispronouncing "Arkansas"

Pronunciation matters in the Natural State. It is against the law to mispronounce the state's name in Arkansas. While it might not be enforced today, it stands as a curious reminder of the state's pride in its identity.

3. Honking Near Sandwich Shops

If you're planning a road trip through Arkansas, here's an unusual law to keep in mind: it is illegal to honk your car horn near a sandwich shop after 9 PM. The logic behind this law remains a mystery, but it's certainly one of the more peculiar regulations on the books.

4. Keeping an Eye on your Blindfolded Livestock

If you own blindfolded livestock, make sure to keep an eye on them – literally. According to Arkansas law, it is unlawful to put live animals on display, show, or exhibit them, while they are wearing a blindfold. The reasons behind this prohibition remain obscure, leaving room for imaginative speculation.

5. Lending Your Alligator

Here's another alligator-related law that might raise eyebrows. If you own an alligator in Arkansas, it is illegal to lend it to your friend. Whether this law was a response to an odd trend or a specific incident, it's certainly an intriguing addition to the state's legal archives.

Arkansas, like many states, boasts a collection of strange and outdated laws that add a touch of whimsy to its legal landscape. While these laws might seem amusing today, they offer a glimpse into the state's historical context and the social norms of bygone eras. As we marvel at these peculiar regulations, let's remember that even the quirkiest laws contribute to the unique tapestry of the Natural State's heritage.


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