Slang words to use when you travel to Vermont: No one will know you're a tourist!

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Vermont, the Green Mountain State, is known for its stunning landscapes, maple syrup, and unique culture. To immerse yourself in the local scene and strike up conversations with Vermonters, here are some slang words and phrases I learned when I visited, along with using useful sources cited below, to help you fit right in and make the most of your getaway:

1. "Green Mountain State"

  • Meaning: Vermont's official nickname, a reference to its picturesque mountain ranges.
  • Usage: "Welcome to the Green Mountain State, where nature's beauty is all around us."

2. "Flatlander"

  • Meaning: A term used to describe people from outside Vermont, particularly those from flatter states.
  • Usage: "I may be a flatlander, but I've fallen in love with Vermont's hills."

3. "Creemee"

  • Meaning: A soft-serve ice cream cone, a beloved Vermont treat.
  • Usage: "Let's grab a creemee after hiking the Long Trail."

4. "Maple Everything"

  • Meaning: A nod to Vermont's obsession with all things maple, from syrup to candies.
  • Usage: "You can't leave Vermont without trying some maple syrup."

5. "The 802"

  • Meaning: Vermont's area code, often used as a nickname for the state.
  • Usage: "I'm proud to represent the 802 wherever I go."

6. "Dirt Roads"

  • Meaning: Refers to the unpaved, often scenic, rural roads that crisscross Vermont.
  • Usage: "Let's take the dirt roads and explore the countryside."

7. "Ben & Jerry's"

  • Meaning: A famous Vermont ice cream company known for its creative flavors.
  • Usage: "A visit to Vermont isn't complete without a tour of the Ben & Jerry's factory."

8. "Leaf Peepers"

  • Meaning: Tourists who flock to Vermont in the fall to witness the stunning foliage.
  • Usage: "The leaf peepers arrive when the trees turn fiery shades of red and orange."

9. "Champ"

  • Meaning: A reference to "Champ," the legendary Lake Champlain monster, similar to the Loch Ness Monster.
  • Usage: "Some say they've spotted Champ in Lake Champlain, but it's all part of our folklore."

10. "Hannaford"
- Meaning: A regional supermarket chain found in Vermont, often just called "Hannies."
- Usage: "I'm heading to Hannaford to pick up some fresh Vermont produce."

11. "Covered Bridges"
- Meaning: Iconic bridges in Vermont, often featured in photos and paintings.
- Usage: "Let's take a scenic drive and visit some of Vermont's charming covered bridges."

12. "Stowe"
- Meaning: A reference to Stowe, a picturesque town and popular destination in Vermont.
- Usage: "Stowe is a must-visit for skiing and outdoor adventures."

Using these Vermont slang words and phrases will not only help you blend in but also allow you to connect with locals who are proud of their state's culture and heritage. So, whether you're savoring a maple creemee, taking a dirt road detour, or simply enjoying the natural beauty, embracing Vermont's language is a great way to become part of the Green Mountain experience.

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