Beware of the Eye Whites

Dr. Mozelle Martin

During my bachelor's program in college many years ago, Mr. Zeta (one of my Advanced Criminology professors) stated, "You will quickly know what people are capable of by looking at their eyes."

We've all heard that eyes are the windows to the soul, but his statement took on a whole new meaning once he showed us the photos of inmates in the local jail.

What did he mean when he stated, "Beware of the eye whites"?

Mr. Zeta advised us that when that individual is looking directly straight ahead or directly into our eyes without any head tilt, we should not be able to see any white underneath their colored iris.

Mr. Zeta elaborated, "Consider this a warning. The more white you see under their colored iris, the more likely they will have a criminal mind and also behave criminally."

During this bachelor's program, I worked as an officer in a medium-security men's prison.

After graduating, I moved to another state for my master's program.

While working toward my master's degree in Criminology, I worked as a Forensic Mental Health Professional in jails and prisons.

Although Mr. Zeta died many years ago, I have never forgotten his warning. I have spent decades in my career working internationally, and while nothing is 100%, I have noticed a strong enough consistency to substantiate this article.

I have included random mugshot photos from in this article, much like Mr. Zeta showed us. On that website, you can choose anywhere in the United States, see what their charges are, and check out their eye whites.

For fun, visit Google Images or type in the names of some famous criminals like Jeremy "Hot Felon" Meeks or serial killers such as Edmund Kemper and John Wayne Gacy. If you're into famous mobsters, check out the mugshots of Vincent "The Chin" Gigante, Bugsy Siegel, or Louis "Lepke" Buchalter.

Of course, not all people with criminal minds have been caught, and you don't have to only look at mugshots to see someone's eye whites.

Psychology Today published an article that the eye whites tell the subconscious truths. You can read more about that here. Of course, many know these eyes as Sanpaku.

Take a moment to think about those you know or have known in your past. Do you have photos of those who did you wrong? If so, does Mr. Zeta's warning ring true for you too?

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