Handwriting Slant and Social Personality

Dr. Mozelle Martin

Many self-proclaimed introverts have a left slant to their handwriting, while extroverts claim a right slant. For me, I'm an ambivert with a vertical slant... which really isn't a slant at all.

People energize my husband; people drain me.

When my husband and I go out for karaoke each week, I'm the talkative one and he's the quiet one. Yet, he has a right slant and is the extrovert. Most are surprised that I consider myself an introvert regardless of what my ambiverted slant indicates. However, socializing is more about the other areas of handwriting, but that's another article for the future.

Many introverts prefer to be alone. Many don't enjoy social interactions of any kind. Ever.

  • As for me... I do prefer to be left alone 99% of the time. I strongly dislike chit-chat and small talk on most occasions, and I hate talking on the phone or texting. Whenever I do force myself to go out in public, I prefer to talk to a chosen few. But without warning, when I'm done, I'm done. I will stand up and tell hubby it's time to go. He doesn't want to because he's socializing, so leaving is dragged out by him for a ridiculously long time. I don't even say goodbye to my friends because all I can think about it leaving as quickly as possible. Socializing does not energize me at all. It actually exhausts me. So not only do I have to give myself a pep talk to get myself out, for three days afterwards, I will be shut down and totally isolate just to recover energetically.

I always choose "me time" over "we time".

Being an introvert can make running my business a challenge because it requires me to be out in the field. I guess the 'talkative' part of my introversion helps me get through it without incident and I actually find my work much more enjoyable than non-productive socializing. I think the reason I am more talkative than my husband is because it's a combination of nervous energy and passing the time quickly... like counting the minutes until I can go home. I love my friends and family but my personality just can't handle all the hullabaloo.

Just because I can hold a conversation doesn't mean I actually want to.

My people are probably reading this and in a form of shock.


  • On the flipside, my extroverted, very social husband does not have a lot of friends. Like many extroverts, he loves to participate in any social encounters he can find. Although a listener, not a talker, he thrives on small talk and chit-chat. Having people around him energizes him and seems to actually make him hyper long after we return home. Hubby is not one to start a conversation and that's why most people think he is the introvert.

Hubby is so social that he mows the front and back lawns and trims the weeds, and fixes things voluntarily for our neighbors all down the street whenever it needs to be done. Sure, he loves to help people and has struggled with bouts of codependency throughout his life, I have found that he mostly volunteers because he needs to be around poeple. Then he is all beat up physically. It renders him pretty worthless for the following three days. He is not a young man, he's almost 60.

Being a talkative introvert is tough. I don't go out of my way to meet anyone, yet people are drawn to me or my energy. It's like cigarette smoke... I've always been a non-smoker but secondhand smokes loves to drift right into my face. It can also be overwhelming to be a talkative introvert because I prefer to observe people first as I decide whether or not I wish to know them. By unconsciously appearing like an extrovert, it seems to extend an open invitation for strangers to approach me.

That's why the lockdowns were so easy for me. I loved it because I didn't have to go out. But it was actually comical watching dear hubby going stir crazy because he couldn't.

What about you?

  • Are you a talkative introvert, social extrovert, or an ambivert?
  • Does your handwriting slant match?
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