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Opinion: Who Wrote the Jon Benet Ramsey Ransom Note

Dr. Mozelle Martin

Jon Benét Patricia Ramsey (August 6, 1990 – December 25, 1996) was an American child beauty queen who was killed at the age of six in her family's home in Boulder, Colorado.

A long handwritten ransom note was found in the home.

In addition, Jon Benet's father to pursue legal action if Colorado ignores request for independent DNA testing. The Ramsey family is asking the Boulder Police Department to hand over evidence to an independent agency to conduct DNA testing.

In the YouTube Live video from today (August 7, 2022), two experts discuss who did or did not write the so-called ransom note.

In this video, you will hear from a former 40-year law enforcement officer, a forensic handwriting expert, and a questioned document examiner.

Even though the ransom note writer likely tried to disguise his writing, the brain is still genuine and therefore the results match the writer’s brain, not the disguised style. Perhaps someone who knows the Ramsey family will recognize the writer based on his personality.

We urge those who lived in Boulder, Colorado in 1996 to listen to the video below very closely. Someone knows this individual!

Please share this article because it's been 25 years. It's long past due to bring resolution to this little angel and her family.

Together we can solve this.
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