Opinion: Peculiar Facts About U.S. Presidents

Dr. Mozelle Martin

Every U.S. President has oddities, interesting quirks, or fun facts that are not prominently shared or otherwise revealed. While I can't possibly cover all of them, I'll cover a few.

  • President William Taft weighed 340 pounds and didn't fit in the original White House bathtub. So he installed a new one and it can hold four grown men. However, he's not the only portly prez.
  • President John Quincy Adams skinny-dipped in the Potomac River. In fact, he did this each early morning throughout the summer.
  • President Grover Cleveland was the first and only president to marry the love of his life in the White House itself. In 1886, he married Frances Folsom. However, there have been other marriages there.
  • President John Tyler had been married twice. Between the two marriage, he was the father of 15 children.
  • President George Washington would only bow to visitors instead of shaking their hands.
  • President Gerald Ford is one of only five presidents who never won a national election. Instead, he took office in 1974 after President Nixon's resignation. Speaking of President Nixon, he had a horrifying breakfast habit.
  • President Jimmy Carter can speed-read 2,000 words per minute. However, some claim speed-reading isn't real.
  • President Franklin Delano Roosevelt has an extensive family. In fact, through direct DNA sharing or through marriage, he was related to 11 other presidents.
  • President James Garfield was graphologically talented. He was able to write Latin with one hand while simultaneously writing Greek with his other hand.
  • President George W. Bush had a brother named Neil. Ironically, Neil was scheduled to share a meal with John Hinckley's brother Scott the day after John tried to kill President Ronald Reagan. This has caused some controversy.
  • President John Adams and President Thomas Jefferson both died on July 4th, 1826. Ironically this was 50 years to the day of the official signing of the Declaration of Independence, of which both had signed.
  • President Abraham Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth, had a brother named Edwin. Edwin had once saved Lincoln's son, Robert, by prevent him from falling off a train platform.
  • President Barack Obama was both the first president born in the 50th state and outside the continental U.S. Unlike Joe Biden, his supposed BFF, he dislikes ice cream. Barack also is not a coffee drinker and so much more.

Now let's look more at the two most recent...

  • President Donald Trump had a "Diet Coke Button" installed. When he pushed it, a butler swiftly brought in an ice cold Diet Coke on a silver platter. He admittedly drinks 12 Diet Coke's per day. As a Trump fan, I liked him before he ever ran for President. Why? Because he is also a handwriting analyst, just like I've been 35 years doing professionally. Oh, and his obsession with his mother's meatloaf is well-deserved. Try it yourself! Finally, did you know that Trump owns a winery and that you'd like never guess his favorite book, and there is more and even more to learn about him.
  • President Joe Biden had a nun as a teacher. She made fun of him because of his stutter. After he walked out of class, Biden's mother Catherine confronted the teacher and threatened her with violence. He also has some specific White House habits.

Who is and what are some interesting facts about your favorite president?

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