Opinion: Measure IQ with Heels & Balls

Dr. Mozelle Martin

After 14 years of college and working over 35 years in the mental health and criminology fields, I have seen incredibly interesting research. Like a good joke, I only tend to remember the best ones I’ve heard.

For me, the study that has stuck out most in my mind through the years is the one that measured intelligence or IQ based on women's heel height and the size of men's balls.

WOMEN: did you know that studies have shown the higher the heel you wear, the less intelligent you are? The study asked us to “think about it and take note” – the doctors, nurses, educators, lawyers, scientists, etc. wear flats or low heels 90% of the time compared to those who were deemed less intelligent (the study used prostitutes and strippers) who wear high heels 90% of the time.

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MEN: did you know that studies have shown that the men who prefer to play with small balls are more intelligent (CEOs, attorneys, doctors) than those who prefer big balls (the study used criminals, society’s perception of “thugs”, and welfare recipients).

The study asked us to “think about it and take note” – citing that the clothing is classier on golfers not to mention their overall linguistics, careers, material tastes, gracefulness, and even their vehicles are much more 'intelligent-appearing' over those who play basketball.

Take a moment and think about the people you have known in your life… your ex-partners, friends, adult children, other family members, your doctors, attorneys, the judges in the courtrooms and their assistants, and even your social circles?

What do you think? Does age play a role? Is there some truth in this study?

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