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Opinion: Does Respect Begin at 45?

Dr. Mozelle Martin

According to Business News Daily, "Employees who are disrespected by their co-workers feel more comfortable treating others the same way, which ends up creating a toxic workplace."

There are many studies available online about employees being rude to each other. However, I searched pretty exhaustively online to find current studies about employees being rude to their customers.

I remember the days when being treated rudely by an employee of any business was a shock to me.

Sadly, I've now come to expect rudeness from any employees who appear to be under 45 years old. Here in Lubbock, it's been so consistent that now I'm shocked when I'm not treated rudely.

In my opinion, along with rudeness comes a lack of concern for customers, in other words, good old-fashioned customer service.

For example, while I may be the only person in the world who strongly dislikes cheese on my burger, if I order "no cheese," that's what I expect to receive. Whether burgers or any other item, more often than not, my order is wrong or undercooked.

As an aside, I've often wondered why restaurants assume everyone likes cheese on their burgers. Instead of having to request "no cheese", they should offer a hamburger and have people request the cheese. In fact, offering a bare burger and having people request what they want on it may help save the businesses money. How many people remove the tomatoes or lettuce after the fact?

Before the employees read this, I want to say that yes, I know that customers can be jerks to employees too. I also don't agree with that, but that's another article.

This particular article could be a public service announcement (PSA) of sorts as it is aimed mostly at business owners and managers. We all know that word-of-mouth can be the best or the worst advertising. If your business and customer retention is important to you as they should be, I suggest you give your employees some lessons in respect and develop clear guidelines on how to deal with rude customers.

Doing so could be the difference between success and bankruptcy.

Before I close, I wanted to share a Facebook conversation about this very topic. Although this post was originally about Lubbock locations, after talking to friends and family across the USA, it appears it may be the next nationwide problem.

What do you think?

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