OPINION: Commonalities of Putin and Napoleon

Dr. Mozelle Martin

I was at an event not long ago. Two men were talking behind me. One said, "Putin has little man syndrome just like Napoleon did." The other man stated, "Oh, you mean Putin has a Napoleon Complex."

So, I thought I'd do some research to see what Putin and Napoleon have in common.

Napoleon Bonaparte was one of the most brutal yet successful military leaders. He had a quick temper and was often considered shallow and lacking foresight. But, it has since been proven that he likely did not have "little man syndrome". In fact, he was not shorter than average. Quite the contrary.

According to History.com, an arithmetic error caused historians and novice history buffs to perceive Napoleon as a small man. His measured height at the time of his autopsy, which was completed in French units, was 168 cm. However, using the English Imperial system, Napoleon was 5'6″ or 66.1 inches. This was considered taller than average in the 19th Century.

Nevertheless, it has also been said that Napoleon's guardsmen were extremely tall with an average of six feet. Because there was always a guardsman by his side, they would have towered over Napoleon thereby making Napoleon appear to be very short stature.

One could say that Napoleon made up for his ill-perceived short height by having a short temper. His irascible, aggressive personality was initially thought to be because of his short stature. That's how the slangs 'little man syndrome' and 'Napoleon Complex' were created.

According to BBC News, in 2007, researchers at the University of Lancashire studied aggression in men related to their height. Surprisingly, taller men were more likely to respond to triggers using aggressive behaviors.

So…. what about Vladimir Putin?

Putin is 5'7″, just one inch taller than Napoleon.

Does Putin have a temper?

Watch my analysis of Putin's handwriting to learn more about his personality.

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