OPINION: Could Mouth Shape Predict Depression?

Dr. Mozelle Martin

If you read my article, Beware of the Eye Whites, you are already familiar with Mr. Zeta, my Advanced Criminology professor.

During this same bachelor's program, Mr. Zeta also told us, "People with resting down-turned mouths are prone to depression."

Some famous examples of this type of mouth include Johnny Depp, Terry Bradshaw, Bruce Springstein, Van Gogh, Adolf Hitler, Geli Raubal, Diane Arbus, and Erwin Rommel.

The keyword here is "resting," - meaning when they are not trying to smile, frown, make funny faces, or chew. To check out your own resting mouth, let your lips naturally fall together in a relaxed, not tense way, and look in the mirror.

Mr. Zeta shared one more thing about mouths. He said, "Those with the thinnest lips or smallest overall mouth size are least likely to open up or let you in. They aren't quick to share the truth about their feelings. That means they are less likely to ask for help from a therapist or psychologist."

Famous people with this type of mouth include Eva Braun, George Eastman, and Amy Schumer.

When I was a Clinical Director of a mental health trauma center, those who had extraordinary grief in their life often had a more downturned corner on the left side of their mouth (which would be on our right side as we face them). Of particular interest is that many who have committed suicide have small, thin mouths. Robin Williams is a great example of this.

During my career, the biggest challenge for me was assessing the mouths of the elder folks or those of substantial weight. I suspect this has quite a bit to do with vertical muscle loss or plasticity, gravity, and overall aging. Yet the mouths have had a strong enough correlation, especially in the young to middle-aged adult groups, to substantiate this article.

Mr. Zeta's wisdom did offer an alternative when we were unsure. He said, "Instead of just looking at the corners of their mouth, look at their mouth as a whole. Is the top the shape of an umbrella?"

This article has included random mugshot photos from Arrests.org, much like Mr. Zeta showed us. On that website, you can choose anywhere in the United States, see what their charges are, and check out their mouths. However, it's best to look at people who are not having a mugshot taken because many people are sad when arrested. In that case, the downturn could be attributed to some micro-expressions. Perhaps watching mouths on the next movie or TV show you watch would be best or in your local retail store on your next grocery run. Either way, be sure to wait until their mouth is resting before attempting your analysis.

If you would like to learn more about face reading, I strongly recommend checking out this international expert, Christian Chua.

Finally, we all know at least one person who struggles with depression. Take a moment to think about others you know or have known in your past.

Does Mr. Zeta's mouth lesson ring true for you?


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