How I Trapped Toxins In My Gut And Stopped Bloating Naturally

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

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I used to have a lot of gut issues.

Bloating used to drive me crazy.

I hated waking up in the middle of the night with naseau.

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One day I heard about a miraculous element that simply improved my digestion, increased my energy, made my skin clearer, made my teeth shinier, and improved my health conditions dramatically.

It is a magical substance called Activated Charcoal.

I want to explain what it is, why I needed it, and how I used it so that you can reap the benefits as I did.

Charcoal is a miraculous ingredient in my diet and a powerful tool in my biohacking toolbox as highly regarded in my book Simple & Powerful Life-Transforming Bio-Hacks.
I came across this element when I was reviewing PubMed for the implications of heavy metals for the brain.
Then, I bumped into fascinating articles about its use for digestion discomfort serendipitously.
After reviewing the medical journals, understanding its mechanism, I searched for the testimonials.
Surprisingly, the biohacking community has been using it for a long time for various reasons. It was a great relief! With this confidence, I started my experimentation.
Initially, I tried it for ninety days because most of my bio-hacks provided noticeable or measurable results only after three months of the trial period. This is an established principle for me.
I bought the activated charcoal from a trusted brand and used it once a week during that period. However, nowadays I use it occasionally when there is an unexpected stomach or gut upset.
Gratefully, it rarely happens to me due to my one meal a day diet which I cover the benefits in another article on News Break. The key reason for taking activated charcoal once a week during my transformation phase was to remove toxic minerals from my gut.
My main concern was related to fish intake in my diet; particularly Atlantic salmon.

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Based on the medical literature review (leveraging PubMed), I was convinced that my body might have been exposed to some amount of mercury. I even concerned that it could have passed the threshold.
As part of my biohacking for health transformation regime, when I consumed activated charcoal once a week two hours after the main meal, my digestion has improved a lot.
In addition, I noticed improvements in my skin. For example, my skin got clearer and smoother.
By the way, my little son who saw me drinking it from a glass, with childhood curiosity, concerned and asked “daddy, wouldn’t this stuff make your body black like the ones in those horror stories?”
Later he found out that it did not!

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The reasons for clearer and smoother skin might be the natural cleansing properties of activated charcoal.
From the insights on medical publications, my understanding is that activated charcoal traps toxins in the gut and prevents the absorption of those toxins.
The mechanism for this is that since activated charcoal is negatively charged, it attracts positively charged molecules like toxins. Then it helps these toxins to be removed from the body via faeces.
During my research on the topic, I discovered that activated charcoal is used for food poisoning in the emergency departments. It is still a common practice in various parts of the world. So it has a well established medical background.

The other thing which surprised me recently was to see activated charcoal in toothpaste products from my favourite dental hygiene brands in Australia. I tried them for a while and noticed the sparkle in my teeth. It was only a bonus benefit for me.

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Every good thing can also have side effects. Knowing the side effects and taking caution is essential.

I was cautious about taking activated charcoal, only two hours after meals, so that it does not interfere with the digestion as recommended in medical publications and the biohacking communities.

Using activated charcoal, once a week, provided the optimal solution to me.

I understand that taking it every day can be harmful, as it may also reduce other useful minerals in the gut. This was endorsed as a smart approach by my trusted advisors.

Have you ever tried activated charcoal for the reasons I mentioned here or for any other reasons?

I am interested to know your experience on this simple, natural, useful -yet underutilised- element.

Thank God, all my debilitating gut symptoms disappeared just with the addition of a simple natural substance. Solutions sometimes can be hidden in very simple things in life.

To me, simplicity is the paradox of life.

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