New Year, Same Russian Attacks Against Civilians In Ukraine

Dr. E.C. Beuck

Though 2023 has barely started, Russia has maintained commitment to mass air strikes against Ukrainian cities and civilian targets that it began following its numerous setbacks on the field of battle in 2022 against the Western-backed Ukraine. Indeed, Russian forces appear to be celebrating the new year with nightly attacks against cities in Ukraine, including Kyiv, despite many of them being far from the front lines. Dozens of missiles launched by Russian forces on December 31st were followed with the launch of dozens of Shahed drones on January 1st and 2nd, which were produced and purchased from Iran in the previous months.

In spite of international outcries against Russia, Putin’s regime asserts that these attacks are aimed at reducing Ukraine’s ability to fight against the Russian invasion, though the most tangible results have been knocking out the heat and power for millions of Ukrainian civilians during the course of the winter. Moreover, in response to these latest attacks, Ukraine’s Presidential Chief of Staff Andriy Yermak stated on Telegram that Russia’s terror tactics would not work, and that “Our sky will turn into a shield.”

Despite the continuing carnage against the civilians of Ukraine, there is hope as the armed defenses of Ukraine continue to become more effective with Western backing. On Monday night, Ukraine stated that it had successfully shot down all 39 drones deployed against civilian targets, which was followed with Ukrainian officials stating that Russian efforts against Ukrainian energy infrastructure is increasingly proving ineffective. For Putin’s part, he continues to assert that the fate of Russia is what the war in Ukraine is all about, and that “Defence of the fatherland is our sacred duty to our ancestors and descendants. Moral, historical righteousness is on our side.” Such rhetoric by Putin and his regime indicates that, despite battlefield setbacks such as mounting casualties of Russian soldiers, the war in Ukraine is far from over.

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