Fortune 500 Companies That Support Women in Business

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Women are a powerful force in the business world. However, for far too long, they have been a forgotten entity within the workplace. Sure. They might decorate a few corner offices and plaster on a smile for company photos. Not anymore! Women are no longer being silent centerpieces of tokenism in business.

Right now, millions of women are speaking up, speaking out, and taking their rightful place at the table. They are taking back their power by demanding it. And many Fortune 500 companies are responding with open doors and open minds. This article will highlight specific companies that have been successful in creating spaces of equality and equity. Take a look and take notes of how these six Fortune 500 companies are leading the way:


Deloitte supports equality with a 20 Million dollar fund aimed specifically towards hiring more women into leadership roles. They go above and beyond for parents of all gender and provide onsite child care, flexible work schedules, and leadership training. For Deloitte, equality, and equity is more than representation––it’s being a company where all have value.

Mondelēz International

Mondelēz International, creator of the famous Oreo cookies and Cadbury chocolates is a company of equity. They are one of the top places for women in business according to Fortune Magazine. And since 2015, their partnership with the UN Women has helped numerous women and girls overcome economic barriers.


Nike’s equality initiative ensures that gender equity is present within the workplace and in athletics. They provide their team members with flexible work schedules, telecommuting options, and multiple benefits for caretakers of children and dependents. Nike has a Just Do It mentality when it comes to equality and equity.


The number of female managing directors at BlackRock is 41%. Also, 22% of the company’s board members are female, and women hold 40% of senior leadership roles. – The company believes that equality and equity should be a part of the fundamental culture for all employees. In many ways, this is why they are consistently on Fortune Magazine’s equity list.

Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines, Inc. has worked hard to include equality in its business practices. They are a top place for women employees because they pursue initiatives for equity and equality consistently. They believe that supporting women in business should be a priority. Delta provides leadership development programs and hosts an annual Women @ Delta Leadership Day.


IBM has continued its success as a top place for women in business for years. They have multiple female vice presidents at the company, over 40% to be exact. They also consistently increase their female leadership in all aspects of the company. IBM has made sure that they are providing equality for women in the workplace.

On top of equality within the workforce, IBM has sponsored various initiatives focused on equality and empowerment, such as Girls Who Code and She’s the First.

What can you do?

Supporting equality and equity is not easy. But If you want to move your workplace culture to change, follow the examples of these six Fortune 500 companies. Start with one step. Put one foot in front of the other and choose to move forward towards progress.

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