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Dr. Christine Bradstreet

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I grew up with surrounded by feelings of lack. As a result, I used to hold onto things. I was stingy. I didn’t want to share. Not only did I protectively hold onto my belongings, I considered very carefully before I decided to expose my inner self as well. Things had to be on my terms. I wanted the scales to tip in my favor. The result of this way of life? Life wasn’t fun.

Before you think of me as a total jerk, I changed my ways….

I changed my ways because I learned over time I was wrong. When you think you’re going to have more of something by hanging on to it, you end up in the end with even less. It’s true for money, friendships, material objects, love…

Little by little I dipped my toe into the sea of generosity, and it felt good. My life became richer.

Spiritual laws work the opposite of how your human thinking would believe.

If you want more of anything in your life, give more of it away. I know this sounds counter intuitive, but spiritual laws work the opposite of how your human thinking would believe. By giving more, you’re freeing up the flow to receive. Holding onto things stagnates that flow.

Like attracts like, and by being more generous, you attract more generosity, and more abundance into your life. 

Give more time, more love, more of your attention. Be generous with your money, your expertise, your compassion. Give someone else the credit.

Give without expecting anything in return.

When you give with the expectation of getting something for it in return, people smell a rat. The whole equation backfires.

If you haven’t been used to being generous, at first it feels threatening. You can feel as if you’ll lose out on something. At the beginning, you'll have to simply trust that you will only be blessed by being more generous.

“No one has ever become poor by giving” Anne Frank

It’s remarkable how, even in adversity, some people find a way to give. The Franks, even when in hiding, didn’t hesitate to share what little they had.

We can all give more.

It isn’t a symbol of privilege to give. Rich and poor all have opportunities to give. You can give in ways that involve money, but most giving can be done by anyone, regardless of finances. Lending a hand, smiling at people, letting someone go ahead of you in a line, going out of your way to check on someone, and donating things you no longer use are all forms of giving.

If it feels scary to give more, you’re human. It’s the ego that resists, but you can give anyway. Stretch yourself. Trust. When you give, you’ll receive even more.

Remember, you aren’t giving to get something in return, that will always backfire. Trust that the natural flow of the universe is to match like with like.

What we receive can show up in forms we might not recognize.

Job opportunities, friendships, offers of support, or invitations all have value.

Speaking of Value, on your job, in your relationships, or for your clients, aim to give more value than people expect. Go the extra mile. You aren’t a doormat, but you’re consciously creating great experiences for people.

In the end, Strengthen the cycle by contemplating how grateful you are for all the gifts in your life. Be grateful for the material and the non-material treasures you have.

When you first venture down the road of being more giving, the universe may test you. Don’t be tempted to going back to holding on to things. Just keep increasing your giving. You won’t regret it.

As always, I wish you all the best.

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