"It's All in Your Head" Is Great News and This Is Why

Dr. Christine Bradstreet


It’s all in your head.

It can sound like an insult when that message is delivered without context or compassion. First, I assure you it’s not an insult. There’s a very real connection between mind and body. Practitioners of natural health and the mental health industry have known this, and top researchers at prestigious universities study it.

Second, you’re not alone. Take a walk up and down the aisles of any pharmacy, and notice the plethora of pain medicines, stomach remedies, and products designed to reduce stress. Every person suffers from “all in your head” ailments. It’s part of the human condition. We’re all carrying around health problems that are rooted strictly in our thoughts, beliefs and attitudes.

Having a problem that emanates from the realm of your thought doesn’t make the pain any less real. The suffering is real. The belief can be changed.

When it’s all in your head, it’s great news because now you, and only you, can change it. When it’s in your head, you hold the key.

Tons of things are all in your head (and mine too). Your physical health, your finances, and the nature of your relationships are all manifestations of your thoughts and your beliefs.Hearing that your thoughts determine your outcomes isn’t news to you, so why do your struggles feel so real?They seem so real, so concrete, that it may be hard to believe our particular situation is the result of our thoughts and beliefs.

The suffering can feel so real, that it’s not uncommon to hear folks argue for the beliefs that are causing their problems. Check out this quick article to see if you’re nurturing any self limiting thoughts. Maybe you already know a thought that’s causing you trouble. Some connections are fairly obvious, like an argument that leads to a headache, or nervousness that leads to butterflies in your stomach.

Most causes aren’t so easy to determine though. It’s very common to not be able to see the connection.

  • A sense of responsibility that leads to chronic back pain.
  • An episode of abuse that leads to overeating.
  • A victim mindset that leads to being accident prone.
  • A controlling personality that leads to heart disease.

These are all possible.

Chances are, if you get quiet and ask your inner voice what feeling or belief is behind your symptom, you’ll get an answer.

When you get an answer, don’t question it, don’t argue with it, and don’t get angry at it. It’s just a thought. Don’t try to rationalize these thoughts or make your beliefs mean anything. Don’t make judgments about who you are as the result of the thoughts (you’re awesome already!).

It’s pretty much unavoidable. We take on limiting beliefs throughout our entire lives. They start from day one and come from the influencers in our lives (Mothers, Fathers, Teachers and Preachers). Like it or not, we’re influenced and learn what to think from all the various forms of media. We’re like sponges soaking up all the shoulds and shouldn’ts that society thrusts upon us.

Do a deep dive and question every belief. If any of your beliefs fall into the category of “that’s just how things are”, they deserve a second look. You have free will to decide which of these thoughts and beliefs you want to accept.

Get radical in your willingness to change what you think about your health.

Do you believe things “run in your family?” Do you believe certain foods upset your stomach? Do you believe the weather can make you sick? What do you believe about your quality of health as you age?

“Question everything. Learn something. Answer nothing.” Euripides

What if you go deep but you don’t get an answer?

No worries, the good news is, to begin, you don’t have to know the exact thought at the root of your challenge. You just have to be willing to acknowledge that you’re holding some thought or belief that’s causing your problem.

Here’s a start.

“I recognize that this problem is nothing more than the manifestation of a thought or belief I’ve been holding. I willingly release this thought or belief. All is good.”

Try it, there’s nothing to lose, except maybe some annoying problem that, up until now, has been unwilling to go away. As ever, I wish you all the best.

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