The Single Technique that Outperforms All Other Methods for Weight Loss

Dr. Christine Bradstreet

People lost their weight without diet or exercise advice.

Diving into the newest diet or exercise trend can feel exciting. You think, "Maybe this is finally the answer for me!"

It’s easy to put your faith into some outside “thing” that sounds smart, sexy, and new. Usually time proves that these diets and trends are useless, and clearly they’ve made zero difference on a whole.

“Since 1980, the obesity rate has doubled in 73 countries and increased in 113 others. And in all that time, no nation has reduced its obesity rate. Not one.”-Michael Hobbes, Huffington Post

There’s one method that outperforms all others, and it’s not a diet or an exercise program.

The method is called Functional Imagery Therapy (F.I.T.)

In a recent study, participants who utilized the F.I.T. technique lost eight times the weight as those undergoing a different form of talk therapy. The study included no advice or instruction on diet or exercise. None.

The study lasted 6 months, and the people using F.I.T. continued to lose even more weight in the following 6 months! That’s unheard of in the weight loss industry.

After a year, the participants lost on average 6kg (over 13 lbs)! They also lost inches from their waist.

F.I.T. is actively imagining yourself doing things you’ve had a hard time doing because of your weight.

It’s more than wishing you could lose weight, dreaming about losing weight, or thinking about how happy you’d be if you lost the weight.

Here’s an example:

With F.I.T., you might imagine yourself riding a bicycle. You feel yourself pumping those pedals in an invigorating way, you smell the breeze as the air whizzes past your face, you laugh and feel exhilaration as you speed down a hill kicking up your feet. You smile, and laugh, and feel alive with energy.

Your mind is your most powerful ally.

The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between an event that actually happens and an event vividly imagined. Self help gurus have taught this method for years to help people gain confidence or improve a skill.

If you’re not convinced, think about a lemon. Imagine yourself cutting a wedge from that lemon. Smell it, mmmm it’s so tart and fresh. The juice is dripping on your hand. Now put that lemon wedge in your mouth. Suck on the juice from that fresh lemon wedge.

Did your saliva kick in?

When you vividly imagine yourself doing the things you’re having a hard time doing now, you’re programming your mind to tell your body to act accordingly.

The scientists studying Functional Imagery Therapy haven’t yet nailed down the exact changes that happened that lead to the weight loss. It’s likely a combination of things such as a boost in metabolism, an increased ability to be more active, a subconscious suppression of appetite, and an increased desire to exercise.

The point is, the brain experiences your lighter self doing things, and it reacts accordingly.

Use F.I.T. every day.

It’s safe, there’re no side effects, it’s healthy and you’ll feel uplifted. Adding F.I.T. to a sensible, healthy diet and regular physical activity makes sense.

It only takes a couple minutes. Give yourself five minutes in a comfortable, quiet spot. Close your eyes. Relax and tune out the distractions of your day. In your mind, see yourself doing whatever it is you desire. Travel into your body rather than observing it in your mind. See the sights, hear the sounds, and feel the exciting emotions you feel when you do your desired activity. Experience it richly.

And remember, your focus is on health and vitality, not the number you see on your scale.

How have you used your mind to be physically healthier? Leave a comment.

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