Everything Is Made Up

Dr. Christine Bradstreet


Everything you experience is a made up human thought or belief.

Maybe this fascinates you, or maybe this pisses you off. The anger you feel when your spouse leaves dirty dishes in the sink feels real. The dishes are real. The mess is real, right?

When you're particularly attached to your human thoughts and beliefs, or when you let them define who you are, the idea that they’re made up can feel like an attack. The ego has to hold onto its thoughts and beliefs for fear of being obliterated.

If you feel a bit rankled, can you open yourself to the possibility that things and concepts only exist because you give them meaning? As a collective, people in society often make a silent agreement that they will share that meaning.

Case in point, what’s a stop sign?

a piece of metal, sometimes perched on a long skinny piece of metal
an octagonal shape
a color that we call “red”
it has some shapes on it that represent a concept — STOP

Just about all of us stop when we approach one, and they serve the purpose of keeping us safe on the road. Humans collectively agree that when we see one, we stop doing what we’re doing, usually.

What About the Deeper Things in Life?

It’s pretty easy to get people to agree that a stop sign represents the thought of stopping. But what about the thoughts regarding the things we experience in life? What it means to be a woman or a man? What it means to go to college or not? What it means if your body is heavy or slim? What is means if you’ve divorced or stayed married? Heck, what it means if you put catsup on your eggs or you don’t.

Meaning making is part of the human condition. We all do it. Our brains are wired to do it.

Whether the meanings make you feel good or feel bad, they’re still made up.

The things you’re feeling bad about only make you feel bad because of what you make them mean. Your stumbles, the things you haven’t yet accomplished, the things you would do differently today become associated in your mind with who you are as a person.

It's the attachment to those ideas that are causing the bad feelings. And those attachments aren't real, they're made up.

The things that make you feel good are made up too. You give positive meanings to your successes, your accomplishments, your titles, and maybe even your physical appearance. These positive meanings feel great, but they too are all made up. They're empty and without substance. If you career takes a side track or when your physique changes over time, what does that mean about you?

As humans, we can get personally entangled in our meanings. When meanings conflict, it affects our relationships. The whole world gets embroiled in it. Have you taken a look at politics in the United States lately? Even on a global level, the things we’re arguing about are man made human thoughts. The world is merely reflecting the conflicts that exist within us.

If you're not feeling particularly peaceful or harmonious, ask yourself these two questions:

  • What am I resisting?
  • What am I attached to?

With those two questions, you'll reveal what you've made up about a situation. Realizing you've made it up takes the sting out of it. It allows you to then release it, or to at least see things in better perspective. Sure, your meanings feel important to you, but when you can step back and see that they’re all made up, you'll be free to experience the peace and harmony that’s your true heritage.

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