I Was Faking It

Dr. Christine Bradstreet


I admit it, I’ve faked it.

I bet you’ve faked it too.

But it’s not what you think.

Venturing down a new road, or facing transitions in my life, it could feel intimidating. It could feel like I was in over my head.

Fresh out of college…going on my first job interviews…giving a presentation for the first time…opening a business…facing a life change or a big move…

You don’t always know what's expected of you when you do these things for the first time. What if you do something awkward or offensive? What if you really screw things up?


That's when I know it's time to fake it…with integrity.

Here's how I faked it. I studied the leaders in my field. How did they navigate these situations? What did they say? How did they carry themselves? What qualities and traits did they demonstrate?

Could I fill in the gaps left by my uncertainty by modeling the people who paved the way before me? Could I follow their lead?

There are situations where it's ok to fake it.

If you have to pitch your great idea, and you’ve never done that before, fake it a little.

New to job interviewing? Fake it a little.

Going to a networking event and you hate social events? Fake it a little.

To boil it down. if you're going from step A to step B, and step B involves a higher level of confidence than you have, fake it a little.

Now, when I say fake it a little, I mean observe the people around you who are already seasoned at step B. Learn from them, and do what they do.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am NOT talking about lying, misleading anyone, or saying yes to something you clearly are not qualified to do.

Definitely do NOT try to fake it if you are trying to go from step A to step M. You have no business taking on step M if you're only at step A.

Taking on something clearly outside of your skill set is going to backfire every time. But turning down opportunities because you feel you don’t quite have what it takes, is not going to get you anywhere.

You don’t have to let fear or uncertainty stop you from taking that bold next step. You can model the people who took that step before you and go through the process even though you feel uncertain.

We all have to reach beyond our comfort zones at times to have a rich and full life.

Everyone feels at least a little nervous when they do something for the first time. Even people who seem to have it all together squirm at least a little when embarking on new things.

And, usually when we try something for the first time, we pretty much stink at it, and that's perfectly okay. Don’t let an expectation of perfection stop you from reaching for that next step.

Don’t let the fear of messing it all up stop you either. Be a smart observer and learn from the people you admire.

You know the right balance.

“But I have to be me!”

You’re right, you do have to be you. At the same time, showing up to your first job interview in flip flops probably won’t cut it. And getting up to speak in front of a room of potential clients with no preparation is not going to cut it either.

The more you progress in your life and in your career, the more you'll sort out your particular style. Your skills will grow and you'll become an expert in your thing.

Until that happens, fill in the gaps with what you learn from others.

Does faking it conflict with integrity?

**Don’t do anything that is misleading or conflicts with your ethics. Just don’t.**

That’s why I call it faking it with integrity.

Isn’t this what children do every single day? They learn the next thing by watching, learning and then modeling the people around them. Kids are excited to get to the next level, and they learn from others how to do that. Every time they try something new, it's a form of imitation.


After a bit more experience, they do things with their own flair and style and become role models for others. They are modeling success to grow, not to deceive. And there's no reason adults can’t do this too.

Do something that takes you out of your comfort zone today. Do that thing you saw someone else do, and you wish you could do it too.

If you mess up a little, that’s awesome, because you got stronger and the next time will be easier!

As always, I wish you all the best.

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