JOMO: The Joy of Missing Out

Dr. Christine Bradstreet

Sign me up please.

Life’s busy, and full of a cacophony of alerts, messages, traffic, and the general busyness of each day.

Sign me up please for the joy of missing out.

  • Missing out on racing to something I’m not terribly interested in doing.
  • Missing out on office politics and the games that the human ego loves to play.
  • Missing out on feeling like it’s never enough.
  • Missing out on taking on more than what’s healthy for me.
  • Missing out on spending money I’d rather use in some other way.
  • Missing out on missing out on the joys that come from life’s tiny moments.

It feels so good to say no to things.

It used to be hard for me to say no. The word wouldn’t pass my lips. I’d have to be at the end of my rope, then I’d finally say no. Of course it sounded strained and angry because I’d waited too long. I didn't feel centered enough within myself to say no simply because that was what I wanted. Instead, I'd have to let frustration and anger push me over the top.

Now it feels good to say no. And I can do it without feeling guilty about it.

The more I practiced saying no, the more I saw its benefits. What used to feel hard started to feel good. Wow, what was this new lightness and freedom I was feeling?

The benefits of JOMO are worth it.

Having a smile on my face.
Feeling a sense of inner peace.
Slowing down.
Hearing my inner voice.
Remembering life is experienced in the daily small but beautiful moments.
Enjoying better health.
Seeing the beauty all around me.
Paying more attention to the people and things I love.
Staying in tune with what’s good or not good for me.
Nurturing my creativity.

That doesn’t mean I’m a hermit.

  • It means I’m selective about how I spend my time.
  • It means I’m happy whether I’m out in a group or home by myself.
  • It means I value my thoughts and needs.
  • It means simple things awe me every day.

Here are a few of the things that awed me today:

The smell in the air this time of year awes me. My whole neighborhood smells green, if green is a smell. All at the same time I smell freshly cut grass, flowers in bloom, and a churned up lake on a windy evening.

Riding my bicycle in the evening like I did when I was a kid awes me. I rode my bicycle today. It’s a freakin’ wonder that I can speed around on two skinny wheels and not fall over.

The sound of my husband’s voice. Ahhh, it still melts me when he says my name.

I see amazing, awe inspiring things everywhere I go.

I’m not blind to the chaos and pain in the world. Maybe it’s right within your own walls. At the least, the media brings it to us 24 hours a day. But I want more happiness and joy in our world. So I take time every day to focus my attention on things that bring joy. Especially the little things. I get such a high from the little things.

When I feel awe and joy from the little things in life, I’ll never run out of rich experiences.

When I’m amazed by the little things, that joy can never be lost or taken away from me. Circumstances change, jobs and people come and go, money is gained and lost, life can surprise us at any moment. But a flower will always be beautiful, and the sun will always feel good on my face when it shines after a week of rain.

What awed you today? Leave your list in the responses below.

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