Stop Doubting Yourself, You Have the Answers

Dr. Christine Bradstreet

The answers are inside you.

The spinning voices that can swirl in our heads…Agonizing over every possible outcome, pitfall, justification…

Some choices in life are easy. Others not so much. Either way, sometimes we can get stuck in a rut of struggling to pick a path.

too many choices
not enough choices
flip flopping desires
fears and doubts

What are all these conflicting feelings? They're different parts of you speaking up and wanting to be reassured.

Parts run the range of all sorts of emotions. Some parts are loving and conscientious. Some parts are fearful or angry.

Here’s how you sort through the noise to find the answer that is already inside of you.

Go back to the core of your purpose.

When you understand your purpose behind your actions, you can take any option and hold it up to that purpose.

You will know right away in your gut if option and purpose align or not. Get clear on your destination before you set out. When you’re clear on your destination, detours are much less appealing.

What if you don’t know what you want for your destination?

I hear you. Sometimes a blank canvas is the hardest thing to work with.

We can spin and spin and never seem to know what we want.

There are some things I bet you do know though.

You know what your core values and morals are. Say no to anything that’s out of sync with your code of ethics. ✔️

You know what makes you feel good. I’m not talking about a cheap high or instant gratification. I am talking about the rich sense of satisfaction and contentment that comes from the things that bring you joy. ✔️

You have a pretty good idea of what you’re good at. You have experience. You’ve been trained. You have talents. ✔️

Instead of trusting other people to tell you what to do, trust yourself.

It’s ok to get input from trusted friends and advisers, but ultimately you have to trust yourself.

If you make a choice that feels right to others but not right to you, it’s going to backfire. At the very least, you’re going to feel uneasy or be unhappy.

The answers ARE inside of you. Are you willing to hear them?

Get quiet. Your inner voice is anxious to connect with you.

You only have to be willing to hear it. Ignore your inner voice long enough and it will stop trying.

Get your answer from that inner voice.

The doubting thoughts are still going to try to run the show. Gently but firmly let them know:

“I know the right thing to do, this is just doubt talking.”

Ease off if you don’t get an answer right away. Not every question needs an answer immediately.

Most things can wait a bit, especially the big stuff. Trying to force an answer just leads to more confusion.

Go out and do something that takes your mind off the dilemma. Get some exercise, dig in the garden, do whatever it is you do that quiets your mind.

Don’t be surprised if the answer comes to you during this time.

Appreciating the way things are right now opens the doors for new opportunities to show up.

Still not sure the answer is inside of you?

Here is a hack when you just can’t see your way to an answer.

Flip a coin. Yes, flip a coin.

If the outcome makes you feel disappointed, you have your answer. Go with the other option. If it makes you excited, congratulations, you have your answer.

You can make long lists of pros and cons, but in the end it’newss human nature to do what we want to do.

Getting at the heart of what we really want (or our purpose) is the key to hearing the answers that are inside of us.

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