A Good Night's Sleep is Essential for a Healthy Heart!

Dr. Adam Tabriz

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We all know the dangers of heart disease — a sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, high cholesterol, diabetes, and family history. But did you know that a lack of quality sleep or insomnia can also put you at risk?

Recent studies have explored the relationship between heart disease and mental health issues, proposing that depression, anxiety, and PTSD have a physiological impact, leading to calcium deposits in the arterial walls that can cause heart failure, stroke, and heart attack.

So if you’re having difficulty getting quality sleep, examining your heart health closely is a good idea. Don’t let insomnia be a risk factor for you! Get in touch with your doctor and start taking action.

Are you getting enough sleep? It’s crucial for your energy levels and may reduce your risk of a heart attack.

On average, 10–15% of Americans suffer from insomnia. This, combined with poor diet and other risk factors, can further complicate heart problems.

A recent publication in the Journal of Clinical Cardiology concluded that insomnia and getting less than five hours of sleep per night increase the chances of a heart attack by 1.56 times.

At the American College of Cardiology’s Annual Scientific Session, another study was conducted in collaboration with the World Congress of Cardiology. The results showed that 69% of those who lacked sleep over a nine-year follow-up period had an increased risk of a heart attack.

While much evidence points towards the detrimental cardiac effects of sleep deprivation, other factors must also be considered. This is because insomnia is also common among people who are obese, diabetic, use excessive alcohol, and have anxiety and depression.

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So if you want to stay heart-healthy, get the recommended amount of sleep each night!

Not getting enough quality sleep is never good — it can throw off your hormones, mood, and overall physiology. That’s why it’s so essential for all of us to find ways to get enough restful sleep.

But when it comes to heart health, there’s still more research to be done to figure out if insomnia is simply a coincidence or if it increases the risk of heart disease like a heart attack.

Regardless, it’s essential to prioritize your sleep and make sure you’re taking the necessary steps to ensure a good night’s rest. After all, your heart health depends on it!

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