Transparency of Medical Practice Performance: Winner Strategy for Physicians and Patients Alike

Dr. Adam Tabriz

Online Reputation And Portfolio Is The Strongest Marketing Tool For Your Medical Practice, So Use It Wisely!

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On July 26, 2022, the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) conducted a Stat Poll on 397 participants. The survey tried to clarify if healthcare leaders used data, such as medical practice performance information, in their marketing campaigns to target high-value patients. Interestingly, the majority (59%) stated they never used their data on medical performance or any data to establish traction. Amongst the remaining participants, 12% were unsure of using the latter marketing strategy.

As there is a multitude of options to market businesses, one thing we are sure about today is the fact that showcasing your past data and portfolio is our best marketing tool.

Sharing past portfolios and building online reputations invariably apply to physicians and their medical practice performance. After all, millennials' acquaintance with online resources and reliance on such technologies to get what they want makes the medical practice performance data a powerful tool to attract patients and stay competitive.

But, an unbiased showcase of medical practice performance history requires transparency and ownership. The latter attitude is a must, otherwise may set the path of dishonesty and a slippery trail.

Exposure to past medical practice performance history can be a double-edged sword, as it only will play for the benefit of the marketer who has consistently maintained a high standard of medical service to the patient's satisfaction.

However, the ideal value-driven medical performance portfolio does not start and end with junctures like online reviews, before and after photos, or effectively treated cases. Instead, it pertains to the multitude of objective (as well as subjective) evaluations of the entire medical practice workflow process, quality studies, and benchmarks.

Today we see numerous online sites that display medical practice ratings; however, almost all rely purely on ratings of others based solely on their subjective experiences, but no independent and error-proof objective validation process. Medical practices should have and want such a system that can present their reputation by utilizing their medical practice performance data.

The return on investment (ROI), quality patient care, value-driven reimbursement, patient engagement, and patient traction significantly invest in a joint initiative; the validated online reputation, transparency, and objective accountability. Thus, utilizing medical practice performance towards said initiative can be a significant concession to all stakeholders.

Utilizing Medical Practice Performance Data To Achieve Online Reputation Requires Next Generation Of Digital Infrastructure

The utility of medical practice performance data for online reputation and portfolio can be a delicate undertaking.

In a sense, establishing transparency without jeopardizing the security and privacy of the target parties requires a system that offers selective data exchange and interoperability between them.

The next-generation digital infrastructure demands having a predesigned algorithm to implement, track and reform various quality measures and Key performances.

Let us imagine creating a key performance indicator and feedback system that continuously monitors the medical practice performance and the performance of its staff and offers feedback to everyone based on relevance. That includes synchronizing relevant medical practice performance data with the online portfolio on an ongoing basis.

And let us imagine creating a set of Key performance indicators (KPI) based on every patient and physician's expectations of a given clinic encounter before their visit. Only then can we have a way of measuring the medical practice performance, thus an authentic way of reflecting on the doctors' online reputation or other professionals standing.

Yet again, establishing verifiable, transparent, and unbiased algorithms to measure medical practice performance necessitates an interactive, hybrid, and decentralized system. Such a system should facilitate parallel workflow between cloud-based and in-person workflow.

The Cyber-Physical Human System or Network is the modern digital logistic infrastructure that can reflect the unpretentious medical practice performance as the online reputation and portfolio. (CPHS) The network of interconnected computers, physical devices or sensors, and individuals communicate across space and time.


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