Opinion: Socioeconomic Globalization: Serfs Are Rising

Dr. Adam Tabriz

The Vehicle To Expand On The Neofeudal Agenda Facing Resistance

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The global socio-economic cataclysm is not a new spectacle in our time. Our ancestors have faced numerous setbacks and solutions throughout history. But the most recent socio-political and economic turmoil is unique. That is mere because some of the big players on the global stage introduced 21st-century solutions to global stability based on the concept of collectivity and Global brotherhood. That is also called the idea of "Socioeconomic Globalization."

As intriguing as the globalization picture may seem, nonetheless outcome stands far different than envisioned, just like the difference between Communism doctrine and its practical application before the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1991.

Globalism was the upshot of the new fall of the Soviet Union when the Iron Curtain fell, and the fall of the Berlin wall marked the start of new world order. We can still see the stretch of that Globalist dogma today along with the rebound measures that it has compelled.

So far, it is evident as we witness that the new “world order” is, indeed, a world “disorder”

All the chaos, from the war in Afghanistan and Iraq, the nuclear ambitions of North Korea and Iran, From the Russian invasion of Ukraine to election Meddelings in the United States, and so much more, are all exemplars of restlessness in the world today.

The rationale in support of Globalization rhetoric after 1991 was the transition from the Cold War system exclusively to two nation-state superpowers, the United States and the Soviet Union. The shift was to a socio-economic and political balance.

The basis for the new concept rests on accepting that while the traditional balance between the nation and state exists, governments also bear to the fact that the United States is the sole superpower in the world and all other countries are subordinate to it in one way or another.

The Globalists also uphold that the balance of power between the United States and the other states still matters for their stability. One can visit a few examples of the expansion of NATO, Regime change in Iraq, and sanctions on Iran and North Korea.

The surge of corporate cartels in post soviet era has been stunning. Although the presence of large corporations on the political stage reaches back centuries, Globalism, along with the advent of cyber technologies, the Internet, and big data, handed the corporations additional privileges. That is on top of the already given right, the concept of Corporate Personhood.

Indeed, it seems like the large corporations were waiting like captivating Jellyfish for the fall of the Iron Curtain so they could expand their poisonous tentacles to the world.

The notion of global brotherhood, or if I must say, "if you are not with us, you must be against us," appeared hard to resist. It offered jobs in developing nations, supposedly reduced costs in developed countries, and decreased immigration, as it created jobs for the immigration prospects. But the outcome was paradoxical, as we witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. For instance, Toilet paper shortage in the United States during the early days of the pandemic; or a lack of wheat supply precipitated by the Ukraine invasion.

Indeed, Globalism made nations socioeconomically interdependent and corporations richer and more powerful.

The Emergence Of Globalisation Coincides With The Arrival Of Neofeudalism

Globalism introduced a new class of elites to the world. The kind of masters that utilized Globalist doctrine as the vehicle to tote townies into their serfdom. The nobility of the sort that has a road crossing the Silicone Vally and the limits of their serfdom stretch globally via cyber highways.

The Elites of corporate Neofeudalism up to the emergence of Globalization are the highest political leaders, major corporate owners, and directors. These Elites, just like their medieval counterparts, need some governments as vassals to carry out their dirty work around the world. Naturally, that would not be a free service as they are guaranteed fiefdom in exchange for their loyalty.

High-ranking government military officials and the military-industrial complex assured such fiefdom in the Neofeudal plan, just like ensuring a European Union and possibly NATO memberships to Ukraine in exchange for solid footholes for various corporations.

The Globalist Mission Is Not Devoid of Resistance.

The Globalized world stage has moved from Market Globalism to Imperial Globalism, as we witness today. That radical transition has created a political vacuum for modern-day serfdom to rise to Neofeudalism's tyranny by creating their tyrannical dogma.

The rise of populism and its popularity in the past couple of decades has swang away the social movement pendulum in the opposite direction. Leaders like Vladimir Putin of Russia, Victor Orban of Hungry, Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkiye, Modi of India, and Donald Trump all share one common rhetorical slogan. They all claim to have the secret recipe to make their populaces' voices heard and their welfare the priority.

The populist doctrine is the motivation behind the rise of some nations against the elites of the 21st century. That is by precipitating the Ukraine invasion, pulling large corporations like Mcdonald's from Russia, only reentering under the brand "Vkusno & Tochka." Or social media such as VK, OK.ru, and MOI MI replaced Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Similarly, Turkiye has created its version of Amazon called Trendyol.

The concept of Globalism was nothing short of the idea that the serfs were better off in their own homes. The only solution was to harness the proper logistics to double down on profiteering without worrying about the peasants' welfare, as in the orthodox structure of feudalism.

Indeed, Neofeudalism today may seem to participate in humanitarian efforts through various foundations, such as the Bill Gates foundation or the one offered by the Billionaire George Soros. However, these foundations are hardly sustainable in the long run, merely because they will always be the elites and will never allow peasants to be competitive enough to proclaim a share of the stake, more so, their sovereignty.

But, peasants are reacting to the populist slogans. They are utterly responding to rhetorics like "Make America Great Again of President Trump" and "Good days are coming," coined by Narendra Modi. Or, as Victor Orban of Hungary said," When we have sealed the outer border and thus stopped the illegal migration, we can talk about any solution."

One of the first and most recent prophecies around the rise of neo-serfs and populism was the Russian invasion of Crimea, Ukraine, in 2014. The raid drew the first line of fire in Europe since 1945. But, a full-fledged invasion of Ukraine in 2022 was a redline of the Russian-backed populist uprising against the corporate-backed globalist Ukrainian administration. The west further accentuated that by promises of fiefdom in Ukraine to the neo-feudal Vassals.

Likewise, the year of the U.K. Brexit referendum, a Coup attempt in Turkiye, and the January 6th, 2020 raid of the U.S. capital all mark some examples of a backlash against Neofeudal elites.

The global unrest and the reordering of the world stage seem inevitable, yet the future outlook is grave.

Irrespective of the outcome, one thing is infallible; that is, we are losing individual sovereignty more and more every day. We are utterly on the verge of falling to the tyranny of the masses. Furthermore, we are still willing to believe in the rhetorics of the secular brotherhood of populists or the Global brotherhood of globalists. And, although the only winners of this turmoil will invariably be the corporations and their aristocracies.

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