Science and Technology in Defiance of the Art of Medicine: The Fundamental Variance of Attitude! (Part 3)

Dr. Adam Tabriz

Politics, Monopoly and Dramatic Attitude
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Healthcare has become extremely political.

It has developed into a sectarian weapon in pursuance of ideological war. The further politicized the further differences of opinion will unfold, hence fostering further distrust leading to more irrational public attitudes regarding wellness and health.

Monopoly, kickback practices are unethical and potential catalysts to erosive public cynicism. Furthermore, they are illegal for physicians and healthcare providers. Those who contemplate such action can unimaginably face federal prosecution. Nevertheless, few large corporations have been immorality granted licit immunity from sequels of exercising negotiated bribery, as we witness with pharmaceutical, pharmacy benefit management (PBM), and insurance companies.

Double standards on monopoly, unilateral accountability in favor of corporate entities, and lack of transparency are not a mystery to today’s public.

The corporate gain of control over medicine and institutionalization of the healthcare system has bundles the multiples of factors that potentially alter the patient’s attitude towards healthcare and medical care alike.

Today we rejoice in the "buzzwords" such as healthcare for all; healthcare is a right; value-based reimbursement, but it is obvious; we are simply echoing the messages that we would ideally contemplate hear, Even so, in reality, they have become the subject of reality divergence. In fact, there is no healthcare that can be granted without efforts from others and there are no rights if that right is earned at the expense of someone else. We all agree people everywhere deserve to be healthy and every patient must be able to have the opportunity to receive the kind of care they want. However, the baseless semantic assertion is destined to ignite resentment.

Health and healthcare misapprehension is the main contributor to chaos by significantly reshaping the Doctor-patient relationship by way of inaccurate rhetorical attitudes. The secondary gain in support of political ideologies and “profiteering” has created an illusion among the common citizens who feel in fact health is the healthcare. Hence, I have conferred about this topic in detail in one of my past pieces.

”Ensuring quality patient care and safer medical practice is a ’sine qua non’ to any civilization; indeed can be attained wielding ethical modalities, but barely through the transference of liabilities recited by the enabled healthcare illiterates.” - Dr. Adam Tabriz
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