Private Medical Practice faceoff in 2021 (Part 2)

Dr. Adam Tabriz

Socioeconomic Globalization may be one of many Reasons Independent Physicians are Hurting today
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“Few larger healthcare systems are in a position to lobby for the types of payment models which might be easiest for them to adapt to.”

Many physicians want to maintain their independence, but they face cost pressures and administrative burdens from which doctors who work in large healthcare systems are shielded. That means it’s getting tougher every year to run an independent practice. Diagnosing illness and prescribing a course of treatment is enough of a challenge for any clinician practicing in any setting. But for the independent doctor, this challenge is just one of many. Doctors who give up their private practices to join large care networks like hospitals do not feel the same pressures as independent physicians. Because often more large networks have staff whose time is devoted to overcoming those hurdles to providing care. Those doctors can focus all their attention on patient care. But smaller clinics and independent practices do not have teams of experts who focus on regulatory and compliance issues. The doctors in these settings must add these duties to their already considerable workloads.

Large health systems Combine Software and People to get over administrative and regulatory hurdles — independent practices should do the same. On the other hand, large systems like hospitals and the insurance industry seem to appreciate complex and intricate medical practice models and policies. To them, it resembles “murky water to the fisherman.” While physicians are striving to compete with them on administrative grounds, they have a better chance of convincing doctors that working for a corporation is more convenient.

Now that corporations have cracked the ground for extensive data mining, it will be doubtful to ease the environment for independent physicians and private medical practices. Historically, corporations have relished the lavishness of personhood, along with the collective impact of their patrons. They have also had access to money, and technology. Nowadays, they are on the threshold of exercising that ability by reading the human cognizance, admission to their data without breaking a single law. They are endowed by possessing the intelligence (Artificial) and learning mind of their own. But:

“As large corporations are gaining full control of our healthcare system, disregard for the compassionate physician intervention is becoming progressively apparent, giving way to cookie-cutter medicine.”
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