Abortion: A Woman’s Body, No Man’s land: Political Rhetoric, and 21st-Century Hypocrisy (Part 2 of 8)

Dr. Adam Tabriz

The Concept of Punitive, Compensatory Damage and Values

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Most of us are mindful of the legal terms like punitive and compensatory damages where under particular circumstances the amount of compensation to the plaintiff will be contingent on a person’s programmed potential of the future earnings. For example- in our society irrespective of that everyone’s life is priceless; the long-term predictive value of a Harvard law graduate is upper than that of a homeless person without education, as the attorney would be entitled to greater reimbursement under the equal statuses. This notion exemplifies the significance of perceived worth in a given society that would indeed vary from one community to another.

The Worthiness of Life

Everything, everyone, and every moment in human life have a value, the regard that something is to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness, serving as a person’s principles or standards of behavior and judgment call of what is important in life. Some tenets can be monetized but hardly any such as life itself which is generally accounted for through morals and social justice.

Everyone values life differently!
Those spiritual may appreciate life as imperfect, thus equates the life of an adult to that of the fetus.

Quantitatively and qualitatively, for the religious, the most treasured life is one after bereavement. But in general, the impact of a life is inclined by factors sovereign of exclusive religious faith and is usually the product of a combination of factors such as social custom, ethos, environment, faith, and education. Once the value of life is recognized then emanate death and mortality, which is usually perceived as morals lost or gained.

For some, death is a creation of time and one more door of life to be unlocked but for others, a high price to pay for the annexation of those values. Based on the notion of value, abortion will at all-time be inferred based on distinct discernment of life and death.

Now, Whose Life is More Valuable?- Fetus or the Mother?

In 21 centuries, we all undoubtedly would vote for the favor of the mother- right? Yet, not universal as in a person whose life is one hundred percent driven by religious values, the life of the fetus and the mother are most derived equal, and millions of beliefs about abortion and its practice within the spectrum of the latter two extreme ideologies.

Generally speaking, the major Religions rigidly base the value of life equal to everyone from the time of conception till death. This stance by religion is by far the most inflexible of the values, which tends to override most if not all individual and social continuum of choices. Even so, those who call themselves “spiritual”, but are performing the abortion in one way or other are simply pivoting their way by reforming their view, by overriding some of their innate personal values compelled by their faith. This takes us to my other point that religion being a way of life, personal and rigid renders hypocritical, as it prevails over individual perspective.

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