Science and Technology in Defiance of the Art of Medicine: The Fundamental Variance of Attitude! (Part 1)

Dr. Adam Tabriz

Healthcare and the Art of Medicine are on the verge of Annihilation
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Healthcare and the art of medicine are on the verge of annihilation. The science of medicine is being taken over by decisions made by bureaucracy, monopoly, and erroneous facts. People are laying their trust in technology and technocracy (ever) than before. Patient’s conviction of healthcare is at an all-time low, as they are taking the matter into their own hands.

Radical socio-political movements are on the rise, such as the Anti-vaccination associations against scientific evidence. Citizens are more and more considering homeopathic medicine over allopathic treatment. According to a recent survey published in the American Journal of Public Health, homeopathic medicine use jumped by 15% in 2012 and continues to rise.

Doubtless, to say, patients are dissatisfied with the way they are being cared for. According to another study published by the Journal of American “Medical Association, 1 in three physicians have been sued; by age 55, 1 in 2 hits with a suit”. There is a multitude of motivations for the aforementioned trend. The most prominent on the list is malpractice or deviation from the standard of care which causes mental or bodily damage brought upon the patient as the result of direct clinical decisions made by a physician within the context of their professional association. The former is an example of the simplest scenario describing the realm for patient distrust.

With the advent of corporate medicine and managed care systems, the legal proceedings have become even more complex. The reasons for the increasing number of litigants are many but some of the triggering factors are summarized within the context of this discussion later in this piece.

“Indeed, we have made vast progress on all aspects of patient care and medical practice, but not any are one and the same or complementary to one another, as Headway in medicine so far has been nothing but all-inclusive”
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