Physicians: The Culture of Complainers (Part 2)

Dr. Adam Tabriz

Physicians have become a Profession of Whiners
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Doctors are becoming more than ever recognized as whiners. Those who have met physicians in meetings, dinners, parties, social media, and doctor lounges have probably noticed how much time they spend the day in and day out complaining about extended work hours and workover loads. They continuously criticize the system and even try to discourage the junior from pursuing a medical profession. The mainstream physician community is riddled with the bulk of upset voices indicating that modern healthcare is a monster, even though they want to help and practice what they know best.

Physicians Whine strongly acknowledge that despite the need to refurbish and repair significant parts of healthcare, many change elements imperil the ability to interact with patients and disrupt the physician-patient relationship. Physicians don’t justify themselves. They do not rant for treasure or personal distinction, but for those who trust their parties to the medical service.

Complaining won’t Solve the Healthcare Problem

We have some serious problems concerning healthcare, but complaining isn’t going to help. We have to be a part of the solution by disassociating ourselves from the situation and stop complaining.

Physicians appreciate what they need and want from their professional life. There are some areas and solutions that they disagree with and can’t help complaining about. However, the state of healthcare is not how it ideally should have been. Complaining won’t remedy anything to the ongoing healthcare problems. And indeed, passivity is not the answer either!

You may think complaining is just venting off, serving as an opportunity to let out some steam. But it has much more unfavorable impacts on the system as a whole and can be soul-draining for anyone who receives it.

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