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Italian Spirit and Passion Shines Through in the Iconic Montecristo Line

Open Heart MontecristoPhoto byCoutesy of Locman

What started as a design services company for major Swiss watchmaking houses became a watch manufacturing company in its own right when Locman began to offer high-quality watches with Italian artistry under their name.

Don’t be afraid, be brave -Domenico Morezzi, founder of OISA - Orologeria Italiana Società Azionaria - in 1937 in Milan.

Locman President Marco Mantovani joined forces with Fulvio Locci to produce wristwatches in Italy under the name Locman. The company was founded on the Island of Elba in 1986, a Mediterranean island in Tuscany, just ten kilometers from the coastal town of Piombino on the Italian mainland.

With recognizable Italian DNA and an affirmed international presence, the Elban watchmaking company developed in various markets through subsidiaries and branches in the United States and Japan.

Locman’s distribution is a network of about 1200 authorized retailers worldwide and eight monoband boutiques. European markets are managed directly from the HQ in Italy. Carlo Crocco, owner of HUBLOT, a prestigious Geneva brand now part of the LVMH group, acquired shares and became a distributor of Locman worldwide.

Values that identify Locman- Technology, Innovation, Italian Design, Passion - Locman Spokesperson

The Locman name derives from the founding members’ initials, Locci and Mantovani. Locman founded the Italian School of Watchmaking and kept headquarters in Marina di Campo.

The concept of luxury embodied in Locman watches is not linked to an exclusive price tag but to a value of independence, freedom, and uniqueness. Locman watches are born a few meters from the sea, where they draw inspiration and energy. Locman aims its products at a demanding, attentive public searching for something unique and refined. - Locman Spokesperson

Locman watches are characterized by innovative materials such as titanium, carbon fiber, aluminum, and other high-tech alloys. In 2003 Locman became the first company in the world to produce a watch with a case entirely made of carbon fiber.

Founders Mantovani and LocciPhoto byLocman

Locman has branch offices in Milan, Florence, and New York and a network of single-brand boutiques in international exclusive shopping streets. Locman actively collaborates with the Italian Ministry of Defense and the Presidency of the Council, producing watches for the Armed Forces, the Special Corps, and the Navy.

Today the company has a turnover of more than 20 million euros, 70 employees, and a distribution network in Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and Japan.

In its early years, Hollywood actors like Sharon Stone and Jennifer Lopez and sports stars like David Beckham began wearing Locmans, bringing positive attention to the company in the watchmaking field.

Technology, innovation, Italian design, and passion are the values ​​on which Locman’s identity rests based. The concept of luxury embodied in the brand’s watches is not linked to an exclusive price threshold but to a value of independence, freedom, and uniqueness. - Locman Spokesperson

Fully convinced of the link between refinement and Italian spirit, the company emphasizes its origins by creating a 100% Italian brand. Today, Locman stands out in an international panorama dominated by large Swiss watchmaking groups. Several strategic agreements for the brand go in this direction, such as the partnership with Ducati to create watch collections dedicated to motorcycling and Italian design enthusiasts.

DucatiPhoto byLocman

The Locman distribution network comprises approximately 1,200 authorized dealers worldwide, supported by seven single-brand boutiques. The distribution scheme enhances the direct relationship with customers, which for Locman is represented by the vast public of Locman watch enthusiasts and collectors and the niche of the most prestigious international watch and jewelry retailers.

The Collections


The Montecristo collection stands out as a true icon of Italian watchmaking. Named after the legendary island off the Tuscany coast and surrounded by a crystal blue sea, Montecristo is our iconic collection, representing the true spirit of the Locman brand.


Making its debut in 2008, Stealth is a landmark collection in the Locman catalog. Faithful to its original DNA and inspired by the invisible aircraft’s bold, straight lines and matching high-tech solutions, Stealth is available in two variations.

StealthPhoto byLocman


Inspired by the “Fabulous Sixties” and the Italian Dolce Vita. The 1960 Locman collection is glamorous, retro, and perfect for every occasion.


MARE is a celebration of Locman’s strong identity with the sea surrounding Isola d’Elba—Mare is a high-performing sports watch dedicated to marine enthusiasts. According to an old Mediterranean legend, the shark represents courage and strength and is a powerful symbol of protection for sailors. Mare’s distinctive feature is the shark at 6 o’clock to honor this tradition.

Sport Anniversary

The Sport Tonneau collection marked the company’s first great success, and it is back twenty years after its first launch. Italian design and excellent craftsmanship make this watch a must-have.

Sport AnniversaryPhoto byLocman


Locman and Ducati, two unique “Made in Italy” ambassadors with outstanding design, technology, and engineering skills, have partnered to create top timepieces inspired by the racing tradition.


“Amo” represents the epitome of Locman’s philosophy. The connection to the sea and the nature surrounding our island stands out through the name of this beautiful lady collection. “Amo” means “hook,” a solid link to the sea, and also means “love.” Love for people, beauty, nature, and what we do. With great passion and energy, we profuse in all our pieces.

Photo byLocman

Locman is the perfect fusion of cutting-edge Italian style and strong R&D and production skills, using hi-tech materials such as titanium, full carbon, and aluminum for the most prestigious collections.

Locman’s mission is to be different and distinctive in a highly competitive global market. Exclusive timepieces embody the true spirit of Elba with their quality, design, and advanced technology to a selected style-conscious consumer.

Surrounded by a crystal blue sea from a beautiful island just off the coast of Tuscany, Locman is proud to share its passion for fine Italian watchmaking with the world.

Learn more about Locman at Locman.it.


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Douglas Pilarski is an award-winning writer & journalist based on the west coast. He writes about luxury goods, exotic cars, horology, tech, food, lifestyle, equestrian and rodeo, and millionaire travel. He is a regular contributor to Newsbreak.com and Medium.com.

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